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Auctions - Auction Room Basics

How to place a bid? Enter the amount of FD in the space provided, click on the button to validate.
A message will appear, indicating that your bid has been registered OR asking for a higher amount. 

What is the starting price for an auction? The starting price for every object up for auction is 0 FD. 

What do the stars represent? The stars represent the rarity of an object.
The more stars an object has, the more rare the object. It will therefore be less available in the auction room and accessible to few Fashionistas. 

How are won items collected? The final sum must be paid on the auction page or after logging in.
Once this is done, the items are sent directly to the closet or home of you Fashionista. 

How can a bid be canceled? A bid cannot be cancelled. 

Is the winner of an auction announced? No, the winner of an auction remains anonymous. 

What is the value in FD for each clothing item? The game decides the value for each clothing item, you cannot know it if you don't win the auction. 

How many auctions can I participate in? You can participate in as many auctions as you have access to, in the limit of the number of FDs you have. 

How can I leave the auctions? Simply leave the page, your bid will be place automatically depending on the bid you indicated and you will be notified if you are outbid so you can come back and place a new bid. 

Is the price of an article visible before the end of the auction? Yes the price is displayed and updated regularly. If you wish to stop bidding, just look at this information and stop bidding. 

Why can't I participate in all the auctions? All articles aren't available to all the Fashionistas because the auctions are not like an ordinary shop, certain objects are only available to the older Fashionistas! 

Is the participation in the auctions obligatory to play the game? If your Fashionista is on a lower level, you are not obligated to participate. However, if you want to be the top Fashionista, you might want to reconsider this when you reach the higher levels. 

Why is everything so expensive? The starting price is decided by the game, but unlike a shop, players make the prices rise to win the item.
So, you can find good deals but also quite expensive items. 

Can the items in the auctions be found anywhere else? No, the items present in the auctions are only available in the auction room.

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