Like a Fashionista is a marvelous world where you can do lots of things with your Fashionista! Help her to find a job, dress her up, bring her to life: feed her!

How to play Like a Fashionista?

You are to help your Fashionista to evolve in a virtual world. You must take care of her, feed her, find her a job, buy her clothes, find her a boyfriend, etc.
To do this, you must complete objectives and advance through the levels, that will give you access to new clothes, jobs, etc.
Don’t forget that your Fashionista can challenge other Fashionistas.

What are Fashionista Dollars?

Fashionista Dollars (FD) are the currency in the world of Like a Fashionista. To gain FD, you must work.
Additionally, your boyfriend, mini-games and challenges with bets bring you FD.
You can also purchase Fashionista Dollars at the Bank.
Careful, if you are under the age of 18, you must have permission to use the bank from a parent or legal guardian.

What is IQ?

IQ or intelligence quotient, is the intelligence indicator of your Fashionista. To increase your Fashionista's IQ you can play games or go to the Library.
The amount of IQ you gain at the Library is random between 0 and 1 IQ points max.

What is Fashionista Attitude?

Fashionista Attitude (FA) is a mix between the popularity and fashion attitude of your Fashionista. To win FA, you can go to the hairdresser, the tone salon, get plastic surgery or go to the Dance Club.
A boyfriend and a good home will help you gain FA, as well as challenges with bets that you win.
All FA winnings are random except for those from your boyfriend, the hairdresser, the tone salon, surgeries, challenges (10% of the bet) and your home.

What is Hunger?

If your Fashionista is hungry, give her something to eat. Careful, if you don't feed she may get sick!

What is Morale?

It’s important for your Fashionista to have a high morale, otherwise, nothing will go right! She will be sad and you will have to give her medicine and take her to the therapist.
You gain morale when your Fashionista eats certain foods (chocolate, certain fruits, etc.), goes to the Dance Club, goes to the therapist.
Your morale goes down when your Fashionista is too thin or too overweight, never goes to the Dance Club (it goes down gradually), breaks up with her boyfriend and if your Fashionista is too hungry her morale will descend rapidly.

The Fashionista and her weight

Your Fashionista has to stay in shape! She shouldn’t be too overweight or underweight. Fashionistas lose a little weight everyday, but they also have to workout to stay in good shape!
Go to the gym to meet with your coach!

Careful, it will show if your Fashionista is too under/overweight…
She shouldn’t lose too much weight! She may fall very ill!
Her ideal weight is 128 pounds. If she is under or over this weight, it will have an effect on her morale and also her challenges!

Is your Fashionista sick, too overweight, too thin or sad?

- Sickness:
Your Fashionista can get very very sick if she is too underweight. She will be in a wheelchair and not in a good state… You must be very careful with her weight! You will have to give her medicine and food if you want to get her back into shape. You can purchase the medicine at the Supermarket. Careful, they will heal your Fashionista, but they will also lower her morale, so you will have to find the right balance to get her back into good shape.
- Fashionista is too underweight:
You must feed her so she can get back to her ideal weight (128 pounds). You can purchase food at the Supermarket.
- Fashionista is too overweight:
She will have to get back to her ideal weight (128 pounds). To do this, go to the Gym in the city to lose those extra pounds.
- Fashionista is sad:
If your Fashionista looks really sad, it’s because her morale is too low. She will have to get that beautiful smile back as quickly as possible! To gain morale, there are several options: eat certain foods that give morale (chocolate, certain fruits, etc.), go to the Dance Club or go to the Therapist.


Food items decrease your Fashionista’s hunger, but they also make her gain weight, so be careful not to eat to many Steak and Fries. Think, rather, to eat vegetables that are more healthy. Certain foods do not make your Fashionista gain weight and certain can even raise her morale!


In the "Beauty" tab, you can find several places to take care of your Fashionista.

- Hairdresser: To style your Fashionista’s hair, choose the cut, bangs and/or extensions, and the color. When you find a style for your Fashionista, you can validate your purchase in the basket!

- Makeup Room: You can put makeup on different parts of your Fashionista’s face.
To do this, click on the different elements you wish to change, then choose the color of your choice.
Once you have chosen the makeup for your Fashionista, you can validate your purchase in the basket!
You can change your Fashionista’s makeup 5 times per day. You win FA when you put makeup on your Fashionista.

- Tattoo Parlor: You can add decorations to your Fashionista’s skin by cliking on the Beauty tab and going to the Tattoo Parlor.
Choose the motif that you want to put on your Fashionista in the little catalogue then click on the bubble that corresponds to the part of the body you wish to decorate. When you are finished, click the ‘confirm’ button.
To remove the tattoo, just click on the part of the body without selecting a new tattoo and confirm (this action is free, but you must click on the ‘confirm’ button to validate the change).
Careful, these are not real tattoos, but rather decorative tattoos that you can completely remove and change when you want (you can go to the Tattoo Parlor 3 times a day, but you can tattoo all the parts of your Fashionista’s body all at once).
For these activities, new styles will be added as you continue through the game, as in the clothes and decoration stores.

- Tone Salon: You can modify the color of your Fashionista’s skin by choosing a tone in the salon.
Test out the tones on your Fashionista, and once you have found the tone you prefer, confirm your choice/basket.
You can use the Tone Salon 2 times a day and you win FA when you change the color of your Fashionista’s skin.

My Boyfriend

A boyfriend brings your Fashionista FD and FA.
New boyfriends can be found by flirting at the Dance Club in the city.
There are different boyfriends to meet throughout the game (not necessarily depending on your level, however) and each gives different amounts of FD and FA.
You can meet or break up with a boyfriend everyday!

My Job

A job brings your Fashionista money. To obtain a better job, you must raise your IQ and your level in the game.
To get a new job, go to the to the Career Center in the city and choose a training session that best suits your Fashionista.
Different jobs are unlocked as you advance through the levels. Careful, during your training session you don’t receive any FD, however, when you quit your job to start a new training session you will receive a severance bonus. This bonus differs depending on the job you are leaving and will help to pay for your future training session.

My Pet

Your Fashionista can adopt a little four legged friend at the Pet Shop in the city. She can adopt a dog or a cat. You will have to take care of them: take it out or clean its litter to keep it clean, play with it to keep it happy, feed it and buy it accessories. Everything concerning your pet is at the Pet Shop.
A pet brings your Fashionista 100 FA per day.
Careful, you must think before adopting a pet. It is not an object that can be exchanged or returned! If you don’t take care of it, the FSPA will come and take it away. If this happens, you will lose 15% of your FA and you won’t be able to get your pet back for a certain time.
To raise its morale, you must play with it and give it treats. Careful, if your pet isn’t clean, it’s morale will drop!

My Home

Your Fashionista must leave her parents’ home and get her own place to live. She will find housing offers in the Fashionista Real Estate Agency in the City.
She can either rent or buy her home or even resell an already purchased place.
If she rents a home, the daily rent will be deducted automatically.
The bigger the play, the more FA it will bring you.
The later you sell your purchased place, the more the value will drop. You will not be able to sell a place for its original price if you stay in it for a few days!
You can change your home when you want, but certain objectives require that you have a certain type of home!


Challenges allow you to compete against other Fashionistas, validated objectives and obtain FA if you bet FD! To launch challenges, go to the challenges page: you will see 50 Fashionistas to challenge in different levels, you can launch up to 30 challenges a day, the Fashionistas in the challenge space change regularly at random and are always online.
You can also directly challenge other Fashionistas by going to their profile or by clicking on their username in the forum to see their info bubble that contains a link to launch a challenge.
Challenges depend on several criteria:
  • your Fashionista’s clothes
  • your Fashionista’s info (weight, morale, level, etc.)
  • your Fashionista Attitude points
  • one part is left to chance
Challenges don’t depend on :
  • your Fashionista’s boyfriend
  • your Fashionista’s pet
  • your Fashionista’s home
  • your Fashionista’s IQ
  • your Fashionista Dollars

You can launch challenges without or with bets (minimum 10 FD and maximum 1,000 FD). If you add a bet and you win the challenge, you will win 10% more FA depending on the bet (example: You bet 1,000 FD. You win the challenge. You win your bet and 100 FA.)

Careful! Depending on your level, you won’t be able to challenge everyone. Fashionistas under level 3 can only challenge each other. You cannot launch challenges without having purchased clothes. You cannot launch a challenge with a bet if you don’t have any Fashionista Dollars.

When other Fashionistas challenge you, you can refuse or accept their request. If you are not online, you will receive a private message indicating how many of the challenges you launched were accepted and completed during your absence (with the username and the bet for each challenge). Once accepted, a challenge cannot be canceled, so be careful not to make a mistake!

If you are listed on the challenges page, you can receive several challenges at once. This is very useful when you want to advance through the game! If you don’t want to receive challenge requests from certain Fashionistas, go to your message inbox and add those Fashionistas to your blacklist (they will not be able to send you private messages or challenge requests).

To see how many challenges you won, look at your statistics on your profile page (this will come in handy for certain objectives where you have to have won a certain number of challenges).


The ranking allows you to know how your Fashionista compares to the other Fashionistas. The ranking depends on one thing: Fashionista Attitude points! To appear in the ranking you will need to give your Fashionista something to eat and drink. Afterwards, you will just need to look at your position at the top of the page. There are two ranking systems in the game: the general ranking and the top 20.
The general ranking concerns all the Fashionistas that are not in the top 20 (the 20 Fashionistas that have the most FA).
To advance in the rankings, there is only one solution: win Fashionista Attitude points!
Pour monter rapidement dans le classement une seule solution: gagner des Bimbos Attitudes!

Miss Fashionista Election

Every week, the 3 most popular Fashionistas are elected in the Miss Fashionista election by the players.
The 20 Fashionistas with the most votes are listed on the election page, but only three can win the election and receive the three different trophies and prizes (1st place gets a gold trophy, 2nd place gets a silver trophy, 3rd place gets a bronze trophy. The usernames and the prizes of the winners are listed in the forum every Friday at midnight (GMT). Feel free to congratulate them!).
The votes are reset every Friday after the winners have been announced for that week.
Careful, you can only win the election once (there are also themed elections for special holidays like Halloween and Christmas).
There is an important rule to respect: to avoid abuse and give all the Fashionistas a chance to win a trophy, it is absolutely forbidden to ask for votes from others in the game (forum, private messages, signatures, avatars, etc.). If this rule is not respected, the player will be punished and all their votes will be deleted!
With all the Fashionistas on the game, playing faire is absolutely necessary, so don’t cheat in an election that is meant to represent everyone’s tastes!
The winners of the weekly election are visible on the podium for a week so that everyone can admire their Fashionistas and their amazing outfits during their week of glory!!


If you don’t want to come take care of your Fashionista (and her pet) you can send her on vacation during your absence (click on the beach umbrella on the left menu bar).

While your Fashionista is on vacation she will not be hungry (nor her pet, who goes on vacation with her) and nothing on your account will change (days of game, training sessions, daily points, etc.). It’s as if you’ve put the game on pause

When you return, log in as usual and click the button to have your Fashionista return from vacation (you may need to logout and log back in to continue your game.)

You can leave your Fashionista on vacation for several months, but after a certain time, your account will be deleted definitively as deemed completely inactive.

Careful! It’s best to send your Fashionista on vacation then to trust her with a friend because if a problem occurs we cannot help you!

As indicated in the game rules, do not share your personal or login information or ‘lend’ your account!


You can invite your friends to join you on the game once you’ve reached level 4. There are two way to sponsor friends:
  • In your inbox you can send an invitation to all your contacts (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.). They will receive an email from the game allowing them to register on the game.
  • In the "My Account" menu, there is a personal sponsoring link that you can share with your friends or post on your blog (for example) allowing them to register and confirm the sponsor.

INFO: By following the link they will be sent to the homepage of the game to register, but as your link contains the unique ID for your Fashionista, and if your friends use it correctly, their registration will be linked to your account and the sponsor will be validated. Sponsoring allows you to help your friends and contacts discover the game, but you will also be compensated. Each time a sponsor is confirmed you will receive a message indicating that the game has offered you 500 FD to thank you!

For a sponsor to work:
    Correctly follow the link of the player (if using this method to register)
  • Do not register using the same IP/connection of the sponsor (registered player)
  • Register on a personal IP/connection (public IPs, such as libraries, schools, web cafes or WIFI connections cannot be used when registering with the sponsoring program)
  • Do not create false sponsor accounts, they will be deleted (multiple accounts are not allowed on the game) and the original account may be definitively banned or removed from the site.
  • Validate the email address once registration is complete

The administrators and the moderators

The administrators are the creators of the game and those that help the game to evolve. UNIT044 is on the technical creation side of things, Nineland is the graphic designer of the game, Lisbeth helps with the support, Miss1983 help with the Bank support, Cookie is the site admin, and the moderators help with the forum ( see the "about" page for more info).

Moderators exist to help other Fashionistas with the game on the forum or by private message. When a player needs help, they should first turn to a moderator. If the moderator cannot help, they will ask an administrator.

The moderators take care of the forum (cleaning, organizing, creating, etc.), bans (temporary or definitive expulsion from the forum and/or private messages when the rules are not respected or a player misbehaves), topics to help players and also helping out Fashionistas (answering questions, guiding them on the forum, surveilling topics to avoid disputes and negative situations, etc.).
To find out who the moderators are, it’s easy, head to the forum! There is a list of the moderators under each section of the forum, as well as the username of the admin that takes care of the forum. If there is ever a problem with a moderator, please contact the Support team.
The moderation team is composed of volunteer players that are over the age of 18.

It is useless to ask to become a moderator, the administrators choose the moderators in function of their needs to take care of the game. They rely on specific criteria and do not wish to be bothered with requests to become a moderator.

Important: as with many online games, people with bad intentions may try to pass as a member of the game team. It is very important to never communicate personal or account information with anyone! Administrators and moderators will never ask a Fashionista for personal or account information. They have access to all the information they need.
If there is a problem, use your private message box to report suspicious message or quickly contact a moderator. You can also send an email to support@beemoov.com to contact the directors of the game.

If there is a problem

If you have a problem on the site (bank, account, etc…), send a message clearly explaining your issue to the Support team, using the form that best matches your issue.

The Support team will answer you as soon as possible.

Please do not wait to contact the support if you have a problem with the Bank. Do not send several messages for the same issue (wait for the team to answer your first mail) or send messages for no reason.