Top Questions :

Day Year
  1. How do the elections work?
  2. Can I put my game on pause (send my Fashionista on vacation) even if my Fashionista is on a trip? Or do I have to wait until she gets back?
  3. While on a trip, can I still access all of Fashionista city (i.e. Movie Theater, Star Avenue, etc.)?
  4. Are the conditions the same for the special event elections (Halloween, Steampunk, Christmas, etc.)?
  5. Can I abstain from appearing in the Finalist Parades?
  6. My Fashionista has red bruises on body and face. What happened and how can I get rid of them?
  7. I have waited over 24 hours and have not yet received my confirmation/password retrieval email. What should I do?
  8. What are the Game and Forum Rules?
  9. The Travel Agency
  10. [SMS+, ALLOPASS] I sent a text, but I did not receive a code.
  11. I cannot place a bid! I have a message saying that I don’t have enough FD, but it’s not true. What’s the problem?
  12. I won an auction, but I don’t have enough FD. What should I do?
  13. Can I send my Fashionista to the same destination more than once?
  14. What doesn’t change while I’m on a trip?
  15. Do I still receive our income while on a trip?