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Games - [Games] What can I win by playing the games?

In the Games tab, you will find free mini-games that will allow you to win IQ points, Fashionista Attitude or Fashionista Dollars.

Games where you can win FD:

  • Scratch: Everyday,  you can win between 0 and 40 FD by scratching your two tickets.
  • Diamind : Everyday,  you can win between 10 and 30 FD by solving the Diamind.
  • Lingo: You can win 10 FD if you solve the word in less than 3 tries.
  • Hard PuzzleYou can win 50 FD if you win.
  • Correct your mistakes: If you correct all your mistakes you can win 50 FD.

Games where you can win QI :

  • SudokuYou can win between 0 and 1 point de QI by solving the Sudoku.
  • Easy PuzzleYou can win between and 0.5 point de QI by solving the puzzle.
  • Medium PuzzleYou can win between and 1 point de QI.
  • Hard PuzzleYou can win between and 3 points de QI.
  • LingoYou can win between and 0.2 point de QI (Careful, when you reach 200 IQ points, they are are no longer added).

Games where you can win FA :

  • KissesYou can win between 10 and 90 FA depending on the level you reach10 FA at level 1, 20 FA at level 2, 30 FA at level 3, etc... until level 10.
  • Organize your purseYou can win between 0 and 100 FA if you organize your purse in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Lingo: The faster you find the word, the more FA you will win. Between 0 and 80 FA depending on the number of tries.

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