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Basics - How can I earn Fashionista Dollars?

In several ways:


=> With the mini-games you can win:

   - Diamind: between 10 and 30 FD

   - Scratch: between 0 and 40 FD

   - Puzzle - hard : 50 FD

   - Correct your mistakes: 50 FD if you correct all the mistakes

   - Lingo: 10 FD if you find the word in less than 5 tries

=> If you have a boyfriend, you receive a daily income

=> If you have a job, you have your salary

=> If you participate in the Miss Fashionista elections or the Decoration competition you can win:

    - First place: 12,000 FD

    - Second place: 8,000 FD

    - Third place: 4,000 FD

=> If you start a challenge with a stake, you can win 0 to 1,000 FD.

=> You can purchase additional FD using the Bank (optional)

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