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Basics - How do I increase my Fashionista Attitude?

You can win FA by playing certain mini-games:

- Correct your mistakes: between 0 and 100 FA

- Kissing game:   between 0 and 90 FA

- Organize your Purse: between 50 and 100 FA

- Klingo : between 0 and 80 FA

- Beach Volleyball: between 0 and 40 FA

- Ski: between 0 and 50 FA


You can also win FA from:

- Usable objects from IkeShop. (i.e. A horse brings you 400 FA per day.)

- Consumable products at the Supermarket. (i.e. Verrines, macaroons, certain cakes, etc.)

- Taking a picture on Star Avenue (5,000 FA)

- At the Beauty Salon:

- Changing the color of your skin at the Tone Salon brings your 70 FA (max. 2x a day)

- Changing your makeup brings you 30 FA (max. 5x a day)

- Changing your hairstyle brings your 30 FA (max. 5x a day)

- Getting a tattoo brings you 30 FA (max. 3x a day)

- At the Clinic

- Plastic Surgery brings you 2,000 FA (breast) or 1,000 FA (facial). (max. 1x during the entire game.)

- Each time you visit your therapist you gain 60 FA (max. 1x a day)

- At the Movie Theater

- Each time you watch a trailer you gain 70 FA (max. 5x a day)

- At the Dance Club

- Dancing (30 mins) brings you between 0 and 20 FA randomly. (unlimited)

- At the Travel Agency

- Hotel rooms bring you between 1,200 FA(Normal Room) and 1,920 FA (Royal Suite)

- Scan your bag, you can win 400 FA

- The Chinese Fan game brings you up to 30 FA

- The Safari Photo game brings you up to 50 FA

- The Ghost game in Halloween Land brings you up to 200 FA

- The Gift game in Christmas Land brings you up to 300 FA

- You also win FA by completing objectives

- Challenges with a bet

- Each challenge with a bet that you win will bring you 10% of the bet in FA (between 0 and 100 FA).


Your home, pet and your boyfriend bring you a certain number of FA everyday.

Also, don’t forget to check out the actions available from your boyfriend (who sometimes gives FA as a prize).


There are also competitions in the forum where you can win FA!


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