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Auctions - I cannot place a bid! I have a message saying that I don’t have enough FD, but it’s not true. What’s the problem?

The game takes into account the total FD that you have placed in all the auctions.




If you have 10,000 FD, and you bid 1,000 FD on a dress that is worth 1FD, you will only have 8,999 FD left to use for bids on the dress or other items.


This is to avoid the following:


* Fashionistas that are in debt because they placed bids that were too high for their budget.


* That Fashionistas placed too many bids at once.


* That prices are raised abusively  by certain Fashionistas that can’t pay their bids.

This security keeps Fashionistas from have large debts, but also keeps objects from being blocked by Fashionistas that don’t have enough FD.

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