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My Account - I have waited over 24 hours and have not yet received my confirmation/password retrieval email. What should I do?

If you have waited more than 24 hours and you still have not received your confirmation email, we invite you to follow these steps: - Be sure to check your spam box. - Try re-sending the confirmation email (on the account page in the game) (Remember to wait another 24 hours) - If you still do not receive the confirmation, please use the form below to contact the support team.


/!\ If you have a Hotmail email account: Hotmail only allows a certain number of emails to pass through their servers from one sender per day. If you don't receive the email notification on the day you register (or password retreival email), it is because the Hotmail quota has already been reached and they aren't allowing anymore of our emails through for that day.
This issue depends on Hotmail for the time being.
We suggest you try to receive the email again the next day.

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