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Basics - My Fashionista is sick, too overweight, too thin or sad. What do I do?

- Sickness: Your Fashionista can get very sick if she gets too thin. She will be in a wheelchair and not in a very good state... You'll have to watch her weight! You'll have to give her lots of medicine and food if you want her to get better. You can buy medicine at the Supermarket. Careful, they heal your Fashionista but they will lower her morale, so you'll have to find the right balance to get her back into good health!



- Your Fashionista is too thin: If your Fashionista has sunken cheeks, it means she is too thin! Give her something to eat so that she can get back to her ideal weight of 128 pounds. You can find food in the Supermarket in the city.

- Your Fashionista is too overweight: If your Fashionsita has puffy cheeks, it means she has gained too much weight! She will have to get back to her ideal weight of 128 pounds. To do this, go to the Gym in the city to loose those extra pounds. To go to the Gym, you will have to purchase a membership at the Supermarket.

- Fashionista is sad: If your Fashionista looks really sad, it’s because her morale is too low. She will have to get that beautiful smile back as quickly as possible! To gain morale, there are several options: eat certain foods that give morale (chocolate, certain fruits, etc.), go to the Dance Club or go to the Therapist.

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