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Events - [Surprise Chests] How do they work?

Surprise chests contain game bonuses.


The chests are sold for less than their actual value.

Example: A chest containing 6,000 FD worth of bonuses can be sold for 3,000 FD.


The contents of a chest cannot be known before it is purchased.


The bonuses are different: clothing items, extra mini-game rounds, a free trip, FA, etc.


Most bonuses do not "expire". They are available until they are used.

Certain bonuses, however, have a limited duration and/or limited actions once activated (limited number of active days, not available for certain trips, for example.). This information is listed on the Surprise Chests page at the time when the chests are purchased.


The bonuses are activated in the order they were purchased in.


If a bonus is present, a message or a button will appear to inform you. Otherwise, this means that the bonus is not available on the concerned page.

The store bonuses cannot be cumulated. You can only use one store bonus at a time (first one during 2 hours, then another, if you have one).


When you purchase a Surprise Chest, the included bonuses are listed with their details (preview of product, duration of "life", used (grey text) or not)


Two different prices are available for each chest:

- Classic Chest (example: 50% off), each clothing item is available in 1 color

- Complete Chest (example: 80% off), each clothing item is available in 10 colors + 1,000 FA as a bonus for the purchase of this chest


Note: if you purchase the Classic Chest (1 color per clothing item), you can still purchase the 9 additional colors seperately (see contents of Chest after purchase.)


See image below:


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