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Fashionista City - The Career Center

To be the most popular Fashionista, she must complete training sessions to obtain different jobs.


- Training: the necessities for starting a training session are listed on the description panel. You can find the required skills, the duration and cost of the session and the salary at the end of the training session. There are two types of training sessions for each job: Normal and Instant Training Sessions. (Please see Note 2 below for specifics about the pricing)


- To get a job at the end of a training session, click on “Accept the job”.

- To change jobs, you must first quit your current job, receive your severance pay, then start a new training session. You may not see your next training session until you quit a current job.

-Each job has its own uniform. You will receive this outfit at the end of your training session (the items may differ depending on the training session you choose.) If you complete an Instant Training Session, you will also receive exclusive accessories related to your new job!


- NOTE 1:

You can accept and then quit a job once a day.


- NOTE 2:

The price of an Instant training session is double the price of a Normal training session.

However, if you complete the normal training session first, and then wish to complete the Instant training session, to get the exclusive objects, the price of the Instant training session is halfed (to avoid paying for the training session twice). 

You can complete the Instant training session several times to collect exclusive decorative items more than once. The price for each time you repeat the Instant training session remains the "half" of the original price.


For example:

Normal training session: 10 FD

Instant training session: 20 FD


If you complete the Normal training session the prices are as follow:


Normal training session:  complete

Instant training session: 10 FD


If you wish to complete the Instant training session several times, you will pay 10 FD for each time you complete the session.

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