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Challenges - What are challenges and how do they work?

Challenges allow you to compete against other Fashionistas, validate objectives and obtain FA if you bet FD!


To launch challenges, go to the challenges page: you will see 50 Fashionistas to challenge in different levels.

You can launch up to 150 challenges a day (100 without a bet and 50 with a bet). The Fashionistas in the challenge space change regularly at random and are always online.


You can also directly challenge other Fashionistas by going to their profile or by clicking on their username in the forum to see their info bubble that contains a link to launch a challenge.


Challenges depend on several criteria:

  • The price of the clothes your Fashionista is wearing

  • Your Fashionista’s info/state (weight, morale, level, etc.)

  • Your Fashionista Attitude points

  • One part is left to chance


NOTE: The visual animation on the challenges page represents all the criteria excluding the "chance" factor. Even if the animation shows equal levels between players, remember that the chance factor hasn't been calculated yet and the text (You won/You lost) remains the final decision on the challenge.


Challenges do not depend on:

  • Your Fashionista’s boyfriend

  • Your Fashionista’s pet

  • Your Fashionista’s home

  • Your Fashionista’s IQ

  • Your Fashionista Dollars

  • Your Fashionista's trophies
  • Your Fashionista's job
  • Your rank in the forum


You can launch challenges without or with bets (minimum 10 FD and maximum 1,000 FD). If you add a bet and you win the challenge, you will win 10% more FA depending on the bet (example: You bet 1,000 FD. You win the challenge. You win your bet and 100 FA.)


Careful! Depending on your level, you won’t be able to challenge everyone. Fashionistas under level 3 cannot challenge each other. You cannot launch challenges without having purchased clothes. You cannot launch a challenge with a bet if you don’t have any Fashionista Dollars.


When other Fashionistas challenge you, you can refuse or accept their request. If you are not online, you will receive a private message indicating how many of the challenges you launched were accepted and completed during your absence (with the username and the bet for each challenge). Once accepted, a challenge cannot be canceled, so be careful not to make a mistake!


If you are listed on the challenges page, you can receive several challenges at once. This is very useful when you want to advance through the game! If you don’t want to receive challenge requests from certain Fashionistas, go to your message inbox and add those Fashionistas to your blacklist (they will not be able to send you private messages or challenge requests).


To see how many challenges you won, look at your statistics on your profile page (this will come in handy for certain objectives where you have to have won a certain number of challenges).

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