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Forum - What are the forum rankings?

On our forum, we have several ranks and titles :


-Administrators : our administrators, here to manage the game, implement new elements, correct eventual bugs, etc.


-Moderators : our dear moderators, here to make sure the forum is running smoothly and to keep in contact with the players, etc.


These two user groups have their title as their rank.


The last user group is the group for the majority of users:


-Members : most of the players.


Basically, these are the users that have not been previously mentioned

For the Members, there exist several ranks (that do not have any influence on the game)


The rank you are given depends on the number of forum posts you have made, here are the rank titles:


0 posts-> Fashion’Newbie

15 posts-> Notso’Fashion

50 posts-> SortOf'Fashion

80 posts-> Almost'Fashion

170 posts-> Fashion’Plus

250 posts-> Totally’Fashion

500 posts-> Fashion’Power

750 posts-> Fashion’Chatterbox

1250 posts-> Fashion’Talker

1750 posts-> StuckOn'Fashion

2250 posts-> Fashion’Girl

2750 posts-> Too'Fashion

3000 posts-> Fashion’Fiend

3500 posts-> Fashion’Addict

3750 posts-> Fashion'Lover

4000  posts-> Fashion’Hero

5000  posts-> Fashion'SuperHero

7500  posts-> Sonic’Fashion

9750-> Supersonic’Fashion

10,250 posts-> Digital’Fashion

11,250 posts-> Bronze’Fashion

12500 posts-> Silver’Fashion

13500 posts-> Gold’Fashion

14500 posts-> Platinum’Fashion

15500 posts-> Pretty’Fashion

16500 posts-> Perfect’Fashion

17500 posts-> Fashion’Princess

18500 posts-> Fashion’Queen

19000 posts-> Fashion’Ninja

19500 posts-> Fashion’Superstar

20000+ posts-> Fashion’Ista

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