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The Like a Fashionista Team - What is a moderator?

A moderator is a player that the Like a Fashionista team has chosen to help manage the forum. They are volunteers that use their free time to help with the game and its community. So, please respect their work and help them by keeping the forum clean and well organized!


In the forum, a moderator can:

-close subjects

-delete posts

-create discussions

-check for double accounts -banish players (with the accord of the game administrators)



A moderator cannot:

-add points or dollars

-supply TEXT codes

-improve the game and its functioning

-help to recuperate your lost account

-edit/update the game and forum rules


Additionally, if something does not function properly on the site, they are not responsible. You can contact moderators about any problems on the site through the forum. Remember that before being moderators they are players (and people) and they have the right to breaks, vacations and their weekends. Try to respect their right to a private life, they definitely merit it!

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