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My Pet - What should I know about pets?

Your Fashionista can adopt a little four legged friend at the Pet Shop in the city. She can adopt a dog or a cat. You will have to take care of them: take it out or clean its litter to keep it clean, play with it to keep it happy, feed it and buy it accessories. Everything concerning your pet is at the Pet Shop.

A pet brings your Fashionista 100 FA per day.

Careful, you must think before adopting a pet. It is not an object that can be exchanged or returned! If you don’t take care of it, the FSPA will come and take it away. If this happens, you will lose 15% of your FA and you won’t be able to get your pet back for a certain time.

To raise its morale, you must play with it and give it treats. Careful, if your pet isn’t clean, it’s morale will drop!

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