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Display - Why do I get a white page when I click on a menu?

In most cases it is a problem of your computer settings and not the game itself.

Resolve your display problems first by the steps described here:

- Clear the cache and deletes the cookies

- Be sure that you have the latest version of your browser.

- Be sure that your Flash Player is up to date.


Also to verify that the configurations of your computer meet the requirements: Required configuration: To play Like a Fashionista, no special programs need to be installed. It is a free online game . A simple browser is enough to play. Nevertheless, we recommend the following settings.



Minimum configuration:

Windows 98 128 MB RAM

Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox

Java Flash Player

Internet connection with narrowband connection (56K)

Allow support Javascript + Cookies

Resolution 1024x768 pixels


Recommended configuration:

Windows XP or Vista 1024 MB RAM

Internet Explorer 7, Firefox or Google Chrome


The newest Adobe Flash Player

Internet connection with broadband connection (ADSL or fiber)

Support javascript + Allow cookies

Resolution of 1280x1024 pixels


Not Compatible Settings:

Safari browser for Mac OS is not compatible with the game. You should use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome instead.


Other Possible problems: In many cases, problems occur because of the computer firewall.

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