There are currently 150 levels.

New levels are created regularly to allow you to have fun,
so, levels 21 to 150 are not revealed to save the surprise!

Level 1

1 - A Fashionista that is worthy of that name must have perfect makeup! Go to the Makeup Room to put on the makeup of your choice!
2 - To be a real Fashionista, buy a pair of Ranya Pumps for 350 FD in the color of your choice from the Nineland Fashion Shop!
3 - Go scratch 2 Scratch tickets to win Fashionista Dollars!

Level 2

1 - It's time to create a new outfit! Go to your closet!
2 - Now that you are all dressed up, go flirt at the Dance Club.
3 - You must take care of your Fashionista... Give her something to eat and a shower!

Level 3

1 - You want to change hairstyles today! Go to the Hairdresser.
2 - Buy some earrings to go with your new hairstyle!
3 - Play "Organize your purse" to relax and win some Fashionista Attitude!

Level 4

1 - Rate at least three Fashionistas in the Miss Fashionista Fashion Show!
2 - Go to the Tone Salon to change the skin effect of your Fashionista!
3 - Buy an "Orange" at the Supermarket.

Level 5

1 - Quick! You have to find a job to make more FD! Go to the Career Center and complete the training session to become a Baker.
2 - Go to the Library to read a book and win some IQ.
3 - Play Klingo to become even smarter!

Level 6

1 - Now you must rent a studio apartment.
2 - Start a challenge without a bet to prove you are the best!
3 - Decorate your new home with some Rose Petals for 25 FD from IkeShop, the decoration store!

Level 7

1 - Have won at least 300 Fashionista Attitude points!
2 - Gene, your boyfriend, doesn't like your new clothing style. Break up with him by going to the Dance Club in the City.
3 - Start thinking of your popularity, you must have at least 40 clothing items in your closet.

Level 8

1 - The break up with your first boyfriend has made you sad and you've gained quite a bit of weight! Your Fashionista needs to weigh less than 132 pounds. Go to the Gym in the City to help her lose weight.
2 - Seeing as you are sad, go to the Therapist today, at the Clinic in the City.
3 - A new haircut will help to repair your broken heart! Go change your hairstyle today!

Level 9

1 - Now that you have a new look, go find a new boyfriend: Go flirt at the Dance Club in the City.
2 - Go to the Movie Theater to watch a movie trailer.
3 - You need a totally cute outfit! Buy: - a Chickadee Top for 460 FD - a Perette Skirt for 280 FD - a pair of Sandy Shoes for 290 FD

Level 10

1 - Go to "Beauty" then the "Tone Salon" to change the tone of your skin!
2 - Have at least 500 Fashionista Attitude points!
3 - You must have won at least 10 challenges. Don't just wait for others to contact you!

Level 11

1 - Hair is your new passion! You have decided to become Hairdresser! Go start the training session at the Career Center.
2 - Win the game Organize Your Purse! today.
3 - Go to the Gym and complete a workout session! It will do you some good!

Level 12

1 - Your mirror doesn't seem to think your Fashionista is "the fairest in the land". Send your Fashionista to the Clinic to get facial surgery.
2 - Play the game Klingo today.
3 - Go to the Hairdresser today to change your Fashionista's hairstyle. Choose the style and the color that you want!

Level 13

1 - Peter, your boyfriend, is totally against plastic surgery! Things aren't going well between the two of you. You have to break up with him.
2 - Go dancing at the Dance Club!
3 - Have at least 10,000 Fashionista Attitude points!

Level 14

1 - It's time to take your first picture of a star to win their outfit! Go to Star Avenue in the city!
2 - You are tired of washing your hands all the time! It's ruining your manicure! Plus, you don't have anymore conversations with your clients... Life is so hard... So, go to the Career Center in the city to become a Secretary, at least for your nails' sake.
3 - Have won at least 30 challenges.

Level 15

1 - You want to find yourself a guy that likes plastic surgery! Go to the Dance Club to flirt!
2 - A real Fashionista must have a great selection of clothes! You must have at least 60 items in your closet.
3 - You must have at least 100 IQ points.

Level 16

1 - You've fallen head over heels for a certain Leonardo Carpaccio, whom you recently met. You have to break up with George and move on...
2 - Go to the Dance Club to meet up with Leonardo!
3 - You are sure that Leonardo likes plastic surgery, so send your Fashionista to the Clinic in the city to get Breast Surgery to increase the size of her chest.

Level 17

1 - Buy or rent a Two Room Apartment because you want to live with Leonardo.
2 - You need to increase your collection of pictures of stars! You need to have at least 3! Head on over to Star Avenue in the city!
3 - Have at least 30,000 Fashionista Attitude points!

Level 18

1 - Your Fashionista wants to have a meaningful job and help people: Start the training session to become a nurse.
2 - You are needed to help vote for the next Miss Fashionista! Vote for 10 Fashionistas of your choice.
3 - Have won at least 60 challenges.

Level 19

1 - You are participating in a carnival! Go to Nineland - Movie Theater and buy the Riding Hood outfit: - a Riding Hood Basket for 670 FD - a Riding Hood Skirt for 810 FD - a Riding Hood Top for 580 FD - a pair of Riding Hood Shoes for 460 FD - a pair of Riding Hood Socks for 210 FD - a Riding Hood for 680 FD - a Riding Hood Apron for 230 FD
2 - You are in the mood to party!! Go dance at the Dance Club 2 times!
3 - Living together as a couple isn't always easy. You decide to go talk to your therapist twice!

Level 20

1 - Your therapist didn't make things with Leonardo any better, so, you have to break up with him...
2 - Rumor has it that a billionaire is on vacation in Fashionista City... You need to make him fall for you!
3 - Play the Organize Your Purse! game today.

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