Who is Beemoov?

This game is published by Beemoov, a French games development company based in Nantes. Beemoov, was established in 2006 and is comprised of a dynamic team that develops and creates online games: Sweet Crush, Like a Fashionista. You can find more information about Beemoov on our website: http://www.beemoov.co.uk/

The Aim of the Game

Like a Fashionista: A caricature of the world of stars, the game allows players to incarnate a Fashionista and help her to become a star by completing different objectives. Keep her healthy, clean, cultivate her intelligence, always be in style... There are so many things to do to make her a star. This game is not suitable for children under the age of 13 as they may not understand the caricaturist and sarcastic tone of the game.

The Forum: A place to interact with other players

We offer a categorized forum with topics that revolve around our game so that players can share their experiences with each other. The forum has its own set of rules, and in addition to the members of our team, we choose volunteer moderators to make sure these rules are respected. This setup is to ensure that your children enjoy their experience on our site.

Controversial topics that are prohibited include:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • War
  • Death
  • Sexuality
  • Suicide
  • Depression
  • Drugs
  • etc...

We monitor all discussions and edit or remove any posts of the following nature: aggressive, racist, homophobic, hateful and/or incite violence, intolerance, suicide, etc. We remain vigilant and also prohibit any exchange of personal data (Name , address, phone number, ...), as well as images of underage players.

Advertisements to external sites are not allowed. We strive to maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the forum.

Finally, strong advocates of written language, we encourage players to avoid text speak and abbreviations and to use the full range of language to speak clearly and understandably.

Advertising on the site: Subjects and selected partners.

While navigating through our site, your child may encounter some advertising panels on certain pages. We have partners who have safe records and in whom we trust. We retain full control over what is shown on our sites, and do not allow any advertisements related to the previously mentioned sensitive subjects . We also refuse all advertisements promoting weight loss, diets and plastic surgery. Links to other games for children and adolescents have priority.

Personal data is needed but protected

When navigating through the game, some data is collected automatically. This allows us to know our audience to better adapt our game. This data also helps to prevent the display of content that is inappropriate for children. It would be impossible to filter these contents without this data.

The email address given at registration is never used for commercial purposes. It is never shared with outside companies. The only mails sent to this address concern the game and its events.

Pursuant to Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data, files and rights you have the right to oppose (art. 26 of the Act), access (art. 34 38 of the Act) and rectify (Article 36 of the Act) your data. Beemoov is declared with the National Commission for Data Protection and rights an automated processing system for personal data. This system is subject to particular attention in terms of security.

The Bank System

All our games are free, no purchase is necessary. Players are given a certain number of possible actions each day and a budget of virtual money to manage. Your child can advance through the game via this system.

However, there is a Bank system, which allows players to purchase advantages, virtual money and/or additional actions to accelerate their progress in the game. There is no obligation to use this system to continue in the game.

We suggest that you establish rules with your child concerning the use or non use of the banking system and to remain vigilant about unauthorized use of your accounts.

Various payment methods are available:

  • Allopass: A safe and widespread system. The player calls a toll number that provides a code via an automated system. This code is to be entered in on our website, the player will then receive virtual money or Action Points in the game. Codes cost about € 1.91 euros. This system is completely secure and requires no bank or personal data.
  • TEXT+: This service is managed by the same company as Allopass and applies the same principle of TEXT billing. Again, no personal data is requested, keeping the service secure.
  • Paypal: A payment system operated by eBay. It facilitates making payments on the internet as you don't have to systematically enter credit card numbers. PayPal acts as a barrier between you and the merchant site to ensure maximum security.
  • Ticket Surf: A payment system based on using cards purchased at specific locations. A code is obtained by scratching the card, then the code is entered on the site.
  • Credit card: Managed by the leading international online micropayments, Hi-media, the system is quick and easy while being totally secure and encrypted
  • + Internet: This method of payment invoices the purchase amount directly on your internet service provider bill. It requires only a few clicks and an email address. Therefore, be sure to inform your child that this is a real means of payment or contact your provider to make the use of the Internet Plus unavailable.

As learning about the internet occurs through discussion...

... we suggest that you first discuss internet use with your child to establish guidelines that will help make their time on the internet safe. Do not hesitate to consult sites that can help you learn about internet safety. These and other sites can help to inform you, as parents, and your children about the risks of using the internet, as well as teach them to ask the right questions and develop good reflexes. hey also provide tips on how to minimize the chance of risks and how to communicate with your children about being safe while using the internet.

Such sites include: