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Welcome Fashionistas!
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Game and Forum rules
General Game and Forum RULES
Like a Fashionista  Terms of Service


Hello and welcome to the ChitChat forum!
This is a forum for discussing different subjects that aren’t related to the game.

Want to start a discussion about the game? Want to join one?
Here are some rules to follow to keep this forum clear and functional.

✗ Make sure your subject has not already been talked about. If this is the case, your topic will be deleted without warning. If your topic is deleted, do not open it again, you may be punished.

✗ Question topics (asking for help etc.) will be closed.
➜ Go to the Assistance forum for questions, problems or information.
➜ Go to the ChitChat forum to discuss topics not related to My Candy Love
➜ Go to the Game Room forum to play games.
➜ Go to the Creative Arts forum for art, litterature, photo, drawings, etc.

Choosing a title:
✔ Use a title that is interesting, clear and gives information about what you are going to talk about.
Good topics are often ignored because of an unclear title.

➜ Choose the correct [TAG], if needed (see recap). 

✔ Use correct spelling and grammar.

✔ Your title can be preceded by a [TAG] that will help to classify your subject. For example:
➜ A singer? [MUSIC] Lady gaga
➜ If you don’t know how to classify an artist, because the person does many things, use [ARTIST].

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
TAGS to be used in ChitChat Forums!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   

[Fashionista] -To talk about your Fashionista in the game
[AboutME] - To talk about yourself outside the game (what you are listening to, what you are up to...)
[Family] - To talk about subjects relating to the family
[Society] & [EVENT] -To talk about anything that may relate to our society or important events
[Studies] - To talk about your studies, school, homework...
[Health] [Beauty] [Style] [Trends] - Stay in good health, to feel and look great! Use these topics to talk about health, style and beauty tips...
[Heart] - Ah, Love...

[Cooking] & [Gourmet] - To talk about foods and cooking. Share your recipes or what you love to eat...
[Travel] - Where have you been, where would you like to go...
[Sports] - Sports talk
[Languages] - What languages do you speak, would you like to learn others...
[Video Games] - Talk about your favorite video games. What you are playing, where are you in the game, likes/dislikes...

[Literature] & [Comics] - Favorite books, comics, characters, authors...
[Music] - To talk about all things music related
[Cinema] & [Animation] - To talk about the seventh art...
[TV] - Favorite shows, characters...
[SERIES] - All those addicting series that make us go crazy...
[DRAMA]- [TW = Tawainese], [K = Korean], [J = Japanese]
[Artists] & [Stars] & [Actress/Actor] & [humour] & [Top Model] - Famous people in each category
[Anime] & [Manga] - Everything about the animations and their paper versions


If a tag does not correspond to the subject, a moderator will always be there to advise you on the correct choice.

The contents:
✔ Be careful about spelling and grammar and be as clear as possible.

✔ Explain your subject, be clear and understandable:
➜ An artist? Write a little bio, a recap of their albums, basically, give a little info so others can join in.
➜ A cultural theme? Same, a little explanation is always welcome
➜ A video game theme? When the game came out, subject, images etc. And remember to specify the suggested age indicated for the game.
➜ A serie? When it came out, number of episodes, actors, images, comments, etc.
➜ A country, a culture, a style? Same thing goes. Give a little history, or where the trend came from, etc.
You can never have too many possibilities ^_^
Basically, give a little intro to explain what you are going to talk about, make us curious, give us your point of vue so we will want to share our own.

✔Don’t hesitate to explain the function of your topic.
➜ What do you expect from other players?
➜ Any specific advice for integrating the discussion.
➜ Anything you don’t want to see in your post.
➜ An example, a demonstration

For example: Topic about coffee addicts xD
What is coffee?
(A little info about coffee, so we know what to talk about and to catch our interest)

How it works : Tell us about your favorite coffee, how often you drink it, if you use sugar and how many, if you use milk
Do not: Talk about tea.
Every topic must contain framed rules: (See explanation at the end of this topic, it is in the ‘code’ frame)

The Format:
Take pleasure in creating a beautiful topic! It’s really great!
➜ A beautiful presentation image if possible.
Remember that images should not be wider than 600px.
➜ Use color if you want!❤
➜ Need help? Check out the Tutorials forum or ask a moderator

✔ Once your topic is published, you are the host of the discussion.
We are entering your ‘house’ in sorts, so opening a topic should not be taken lightly
It is your responsibility to recenter the discussion if it deviates from the original subject, etc.
If you do not do this, the topic will be deleted.

”Sensitive” Subjects
✗ Know that the following  “sensitive” subjects are not tolerated in this forum:
Politics, religion, sexuality, war, death, suicide, depression, drugs, etc. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask a moderator.
It would be a shame to prepare a long topic only to have it removed.
TV Shows, Movies, Books that center around "sensitive" subjects aren't allowed.

✔  For the rest, remember to look at the complete Forum Rules.

Closing ⊱⊰ Deletion of Topics
✗  A topic is susceptible to being closed if it does not meet certain criteria:
➜ Obscure title, incompréhensible contents, no precise theme...
➜ Flood, off subject, abandoned game.
A moderator will inform you of the issue, and you will have to resolve the matter.
If nothing is done, the topic will closed, then deleted.

The following will be deleted without warning:
➜ Double posts (topics that already exist), any posts dealing with said “sensitive” subjects, any topics signaled as ‘stolen’.
➜ Any topics susceptible of being closed (if a moderator's message is not taken into account).
✔If your topic is closed, please do not re-open it or you will be punished. You can always write to the moderator in charge of the section to get an explanation, if needed.

To all players : ◄
Before posting a message:
➜ Choose the correct topic
➜ No flooding
➜ No "sensitive" subjects
➜ No cursing or vulgar words
➜ No advertising or promoting!
➜ Post constructive comments only
➜ Use good behavior
➜ Do not use the forum to resolve conflicts, but rather private messages.
➜ Always pay attention to and respect the remarks of any moderator/admin.
➜ Please read attentively the forum rules for further information.

Any breach of the rules, depending on the gravity of the action, will be punished.

✔ The rules will be applied in accordance with the evolution of this section.
In case of any doubts, questions or problems after reading all the rules, please contact a moderator.

Please copy/paste without editing the following frame and its information in EACH topic.
You are free to add additional or more topic specific rules to your post after the standard rules.

Please copy the entire contents of the code frame:


➜ Choose the correct topic ➜ No flood
➜ No SPOILERS (use the spoiler BBCode tag), on films, series, books, etc.
➜ No “sensitive” subjects ➜ No photos of minors (under 18)
➜ No shocking images or images that disobey the rules. NO THEFT!
➜ No forbidden links (downloads, streaming, watch online, etc). Respect the authors rights!
➜ No conflicts in the topics. Use the private message system.
➜ Please read the [url=//www.likeafashionista.com/forum/t151,1-rules-chitchat-for-her-rules.htm]Chitchat Forum rules[/url] and [url=//www.likeafashionista.com/forum/t99,1-rules-game-and-forum-rules-and-organisation.htm#p1387]the Game and Forum rules[/url], for more information[/quote]

✗ Topics must be closed and re-posted after having reached 100 pages:
Once the quota of 100 pages has been reached: The author is invited to contact a moderator to have the topic closed and to repost the topic. (If possible, a moderator will try and tell you about your new topic before new posts can be made.)
➜ The topics will be closed once they have been re-posted, so as to keep the discussion going.
If the topic author does not react: The topic of more than 100 pages will be closed and the following title will be added: “Reopening possible”.

✔  If the author is absent during the time the topic is to be re-posted (absence, vacation), don’t worry, just tell a moderator.
Same thing goes for if you lost your internet connection, just tell a moderator when you come back to the forum, so the topic will no longer be tagged as “reopening possible”. The topic will remain closed until the re-posting of the new topic.

Thank you for your attention and have fun,
The Like a Fashionista Team



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