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Welcome Fashionistas!
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Game and Forum rules
General Game and Forum RULES
Like a Fashionista  Terms of Service

Hello and welcome to the Introductions Forum
Here, you can introduce yourself, describe yourself, etc. talk about yourself so we can get to know you

Do you want to introduce yourself to others? To discover new players?
Here are some rules to follow to keep this forum clear and functional:

Creating a new topic

An Introduction is personal and unique.
Start by opening a new topic and inserting your own original title.

The Contents
Let’s get to writing!

What you can be included in your message:

✔Your first name, your age, if you are a girl/boy, what makes you you

✔Your passions, your tastes, your projects, your dreams, your hobbies...

✔How did you end up on Like a Fashionista...

✔Talk about your Fashionista, your style of playing Like a Fashionista

What should be including in the format:

✔Write a minimum of 10 sentences, after all, an introduction serves to describe you.

✔Pay attention to your spelling, no TEXT language, and proof read your post.

✔Keep your post well organized and well presented. Remember to include paragraphs, colors if you want...something nice on the eyes ^^

✔Be original! It’s your presentation! Anything goes as long as you follow the rules!

✔Always be comprehensible.

What should NOT be found in your introduction:

✗Types of introductions found on chat or dating sites.

✗Private information or information that is too personal (address, phone number...) or photos of minors.

✗Images that are not viewable.

✗Any type of vulgarity, racist remarks, etc…

Basically, the more you talk about yourself the better! Your introduction helps others to better understand and know you. Make us want to read your post!

Editing/modifying your introduction
If after publishing your introduction you want to change or add something, click on the ”EDIT” button at the bottom of your first post. All of your introduction should be in ONE POST.

Closing Topics
Any topic that does not follow the rules will be closed and deleted.
Any topic that is older than 24 hours will be closed.

Thank you for your attention and have fun,
The Like a Fashionista Team



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