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#1 21/03/2019 at 13:26

Stupid is who calls stupid to another one, b'cause is calling someone by the incorrect form. ( Phras
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Yaaayyy my first post!!!!
Hi my name is JustDance3 (obvious)
I love likeafashionista I think this is sooo funn!!
i'am 11 year old  /modules/forum/img/smilies/bimbo/rougie.gif yes i'm sooo young  /modules/forum/img/smilies/bimbo/malheureuse.gif
I love pets and reading and playing just dance i've got special edition!! My favourite animal is dog, isn't unicorn  /modules/forum/img/smilies/bimbo/gros-sourire.gif
I will be on there only on lunch and afternoon.

Next monday will be my birthday I play sweet crush but i dont remember my nickname.

Add me to friends or i can add you send me a message if u want.

I hate :
cats, vegetables and kpop.
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❤ Fashionistas are some of the kindest people on the Internet!
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Hi, JustDance3 ❤ ! Welcome to the site.

Your intro was so full of energy! That's exactly the kind of bouncy happy attitude we need around here. The forum is quiet, but I'm sure you can add a little life (just be sure to follow the rules).

Check out the forum rules:
Game and Forum Rules and Organisation

There are tons of things to do in the game and on the forum! Be sure to check the ChitChats, Games, Creative Arts, and Contest sections! I'm sure you'll have fun and make friends in no time. I look forward to seeing you around the forum!

Have fun! Happy Birthday (early)! /vendor/beemoov/forum/../../../public/forum/smilies/smile.png



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