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Tutorial Forum Rules

Please read these rules first before posting a tutorial.

This section will be the home for all kinds Tutorials from the simple functions of LaF and the forum to using computer programs such as Photoshop and more.

Tutorial Tag System:

[GAME]- This tag is for Tutorials for the Like a Fashionista game (e.g. How to Play the Mini Games, How to Buy Items from the Shop etc.)

[FORUM] - This tag is for Tutorials for the LaF forum (e.g.  How to Make Your Text Coloured, How to Post Images etc.).

[GRAPHICS] - This tag is for Tutorials for Photoshop, Gimp and other programs (e.g. How to Make Images Transparent, How to Add Text to an Image..)

[CREATIVE] - This tag is for inspiring creativity. This is not a "How to Make Art/Writing/etc." but serves the purpose of creating the motivation to do so.

[OTHER] - If you don’t feel that your tutorial fits into any of the above tags then you may use this one.

Don’t forget to give credit:
If the information or pictures used in your tutorial is not your original work, please give full credit to the original source (eg. Credit for the tutorial goes to @SoandSo from LaF).

How To Post The Perfect Tutorial:

→ When creating a Tutorial, make it clear and as easy to understand as possible.

→ Include pictures. This makes the ideas shared in your tutorial easier to understand.

→ Check your tutorial thread. Players may have questions or simply want to say thank you for your help!

Thank you so much!


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