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#1 27/07/2021 at 16:24

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Hey !! I'm Lauren, I'm 22 years old.
I like video games, watching TV shows and movies, and I also like eating, and by that I mean trying new dishes and new flavors and tastes from different cuisines.I also LOVE music, I like composing music, not making it from scratch, but I kind of make a modified covers of songs, no lyrics. I like layering music and making harmonies and such.

I actually signed up in this game in 2011 on the french server, because then I wasn't that fluent in english, so I was a bit scared to start a game in which I don't understand the language.
I was playing My candy Love and then I stumbled upon LAF, and from there I started with this game.
At a certain point, I gave up playing, because I had studies and I thought that this game takes a lot of time, especially since I'm on the forum a lot. /modules/forum/img/smilies/bimbo/bave.gif

I like this game so much because it gives me inspirations on looks and fashion.

The fact that I enjoy watching fanatsy and Sci-fi has extremely influenced my style in this game.
You will never see me make a classic dress with cute heels, or a top and jeans with a beanie and call it cute.
You can bet I'd have my swords, wings, elf ears and everything in between, you'll see goddesses, heros, villains, angels and demons.

I hope you all have a great time playing this game

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Check out my French account HERE


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Lauren ♥, great introduction!

I've talked to you so many times that it seems like you've been here for a while! LOL You've already taken care of most of the things I usually say...

✓ Check out the forum rules:
Game and Forum Rules and Organisation

✓ If you need assistance, post at the:
Help Desk

✓ There are tons of things to do in the game and on the forum.
Be sure to check the ChitChats, Games, Creative Arts, and Contest sections.

Hmm...what's left? Have you checked out the FAQ? It's full of good information:


I love seeing the creations of players who joined for the fashion and are good with it. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Have fun!



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