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Closing 13 of December — 22:00 forum time
If you have any questions just send me a pm!

“Why the gloomy overcast my dear?
You’re standing on the precipice of a lifetime, let me give you a push— now remember to leap.”

The Maledictus welcomes you onboard—
What is the soul of a man worth— when treasure looms ahead; there they are, new victims of a decadent court, the mistress of the sea.
The dreadful waltz of ghosts— tripping over a shattered crown; begging for forgiveness, with their thirty, crimson shards of silver.
Underneath a shiny mirror a body lays— the coal coloured canary, sings your grandeur; appraise dragged into the deep existence veiled by history.
You wanted a legacy with magnitude to the North Star.




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Unfortunately, I won't be able to get the snippet done.

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Full name: Evonne Semper
Age & birthday: October 27th, 30
Place of birth: Dresden, Germany
Face claim: Wallis Day

Current location: packing to go from Rome, Italy all the way to St. Petersburg, Russia
Occupation: photographer
Vertatis: been a member for over a few months, less than a year
Motivation: advanture, knowledge.

Traits & personality
Well-spoken. Stubborn. Passionate. Vocal. Opinionated. Caring, loving. Loyal. Trustworthy. Hedonist. Debonair. Possessive and/or jealous. Poised (raised well). Hands-on type. Adventurous. Driven (or rather easily obsessed). Curious. Impatient, sometimes. Intelligent. Quick-thinking. Manipulative (slips into it without thinking). Creative thinker & problem solver. Eloquent. Observant, can see all perspectives. Might be revised after we start.

The fact she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth is evident and obvious: she's poised, raised well, and has a very elegant, lady-like feel to her. She's well-spoken and eloquent, able to find space for herself in every situation and in any company she might keep. She was exposed to a great variety of art in her life, influencing her taste, curiosity, and how she interprets things around her, where she seeks her inspiration. She's open-minded, rarely judges people, and avoids those that do. She's not the type to keep her mouth shut if there is something she dislikes happening near her, which is why she was often interpreted as someone who is hot-tempered - she likes to say she is passionate.

In her more recent and formative years, Eva discovered she was quite okay with not following the social norms and loves freedom immensely. She can be mischievous in her adventures, can easily grow obsessed with something she enjoys and her curiosity pushes her to be very hands-on: should she like to learn about something, she will jump right into it. She doesn't deny herself pleasures of any kind. She tends to fall for people quickly, burn out quickly, with her only jealousy and possessiveness being directed towards those relationships. She can be manipulative, more of a natural reaction to society rather than a well-thought-out intention on her end.

She is born Evonne Von Eckhardt during one of the stormiest autumns Dresden has ever witnessed, and that was the final impressive or remotely interesting about her childhood and growing up. Her parents, Anita and Gerhard Von Eckhardt are a lovely couple with far too much time on their hands and blissfully unaware of the damage the reparations and how they might influence their life. Still, they were the loveliest of parents and kindest souls, supportive and quite traditional in their minds - something Evonne missed out on. Quite stubborn in her intent, vocal about her beliefs, and opinionated about everything one might have an opinion about, she tiptoed the thin line between keeping herself happy (but never quite) and keeping her family from being angry.

At a point, she met Ulrich Semper, a few years older, none the wiser, the first neighbor and the oldest child of the Semper family. He was open about all the things she wished she would be open about: a full-blown hedonist, non-conforming lothario, and gambling gadabout that just happened to enjoy her company outside the bedroom. The duo became a couple by convenience: Eva liked the idea of leaving her overprotected home, she adored the company he kept and the fact he was extremely well in bed; and Ulrich loved her spirit, her freedom-oriented goals, and the fact she could always find a way to top his mischievous idea while being smart enough not to go through with them. Ulrich - the up-and-coming architectural visionary - and as his wife, in her mind, she would have space to grow with him.

Ulrich was supportive of her wishes, her desires, plans - saw her as the equal and often times saw in her something she might not have seen in herself. He was the one who got her the first camera, and in their first home instead of a nursery, Ulrich built a dark room to keep her occupied. Eva suspected he was unable to have children since he has never fathered a child before her, but there was a growing seed of doubt in the back of her mind that made her believe she was the one who might not have been able to get pregnant. A year into the marriage, she ignored everything instead.

They married before she turned 20, and not a moment too soon since both had their fair share of plotting and scheming in the second uprising in Dresden, fleeing to the United States to visit the Myers', Eva's family and her favorite cousin, Ruth. Two girls grew up quite close which continued (as much as it could) through letters when Ruth moved to New York. And now, after years of back and forth, they were to meet in New York. Ruthie, Eva, and the new outlaw husband. The idea amused Eva beyond belief - the only person who was happier about it was Ulrich himself, happy to introduce his talent to a whole new continent - they made the journey, regrouping with Ruth and Myers' in New York.

It took them absolutely no time to get things going mainly because reputation preceded the couple: architectural prodigy and his photographer wife. Well, the photography was only a work in progress for Eva, but it made sense at the time. She took photos of projects, documenting the builds, and oftentimes excavations that came before the build. She grew quite interested in history, archeology and with Ruth being well-educated in anthropology, Eva fell in love with what her cousin did with such passion even more. Soon her scope of work included things beyond Ulrich's builds and within the two years in the US the couple started to work on separate projects, causing them to spend weeks (and even months) outside their home.

Things would often lead to frustration, but they loved each other enough to respect the other person and their wishes, so Ulrich was happy to oblige his wife and head back to Europe after Eva decided to follow Ruthie there. She found a job on an architectural dig near Egypt soon after their arrival, and Ulrich stayed in France. His work was still appreciated and while she was still up-and-coming, he was an established name. Instead of growing jealous, she grew ambitious, finding time for the theory of her work and trying to squeeze time to finish her formal education on the go. Jealousy was a feeling reserved for other people - the trust between them transcended the limitation of a regular marriage. They were as much of friends as they were lovers - trust was given. Spending time apart made them believe they should not deny themselves some pleasures, so each would take a lover, subtly, without any fanfare, and indulge in everything they wanted, finding their way back in the end. For Ulrich, it meant having a physical relief. For Eva, a companion to keep during the times she felt lonely.

Was it a happy marriage? Yes, most of the time - the freedom each one allowed the other made them happy, but there have been moments where there was a little bit of doubt sparkling in their eyes, usually in those moments when the world outside their brownstone, their chateau, their tent in the middle of the desert, or any other construction they would call home at the time, became too loud in their intention to shame the type of marriage they built for themselves. Still, love was stronger and all bad feelings, including jealousy, were reserved for other relationships in their lives.

Soon after they have settled in Switzerland, Eva got an opportunity to travel on a research mission to the Easter Islands, under the leadership of the Chilean government. She went into it enthusiastically, but the reality hit her quite soon into the mission. She expected to stumble into some version of Eden (mind you, she is not a religious woman), but what she found was far from it. She felt like she wanted things to end as soon as possible, but the experience was a formative one in the end and in more than one way. She met Guillermo Allende there. It was a new feeling for her: this young general, quite smart and very ruthless, was soft and rough all at once, and completely unapologetic of his ways. Guillermo warned her he is not what she expected, he would not simply go out of her life when she was done, and he would not stop until she was no longer married - his intentions were, from the very first moment, quite clear. He was not wrong: the affair was passionate, volatile, obsessive. Six months into the expedition, she grew restless by the idea of what the Chilean government did to the island and the islanders, by the exhaustion of the relationship and then, in the end, by the unplanned pregnancy, and in the end, a miscarriage. Eva left Easter Island on a Dutch merchant ship a week early, returning to her chalet, to her husband, to her life.

Snippet incoming, I love those.

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Beauty starts within ♥️
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♠Credit to Schogg♠

Badass Belle

And I said pay up


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Ruth Myers
Age & birthday: 29, December 28th
Place of birth: Munich, Germany
Face claim: Sophie Rundle

Current location:Paris, France - soon setting out for Istanbul
Occupation: Anthropologist
Vertatis: Old member
Motivation: Knowledge, always knowledge

Traits: Elegant, Scholarly, Liberal, Focused, Dedicated, Sensitive // Reserved, Excitable, Obsessive, Workaholic, Oblivious, Absentminded




And done! Sadly not time for a snippet....

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Everything you want is on the other side of fear...
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Full name: Niambi Ezz
Nickname: Niya
Face claim: Hilda Diaz Pimentel

Age & birthday: 30, November 15th

Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Current location: Cusco, Peru

Occupation: Archeologist
Vertatis: New
Motivation: Prestige/Adventure

Behind the Mask; Who is Niambi?

Sands in Time: Niambi's beginnings...


Throw Dogma to the Winds


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Will extend this until tomorrow since it was probably a bit short with time!


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Casting is now closed!

Thank you for being prepared to go on an adventure with me! I am beyond excited to see all the characters come to life and what we together can create!

I don't have much more to say at the moment but I will keep you updated, probably laying low over the holidays.

For a kick back let's go with the old theme song for this!

Take the leap






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