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The last time you lived through the second decade of a century it was the best and the worst of times simultaneously, and you've been around for long enough to actually recognize the pattern when you see one.
So far you have enjoyed seeing civilizations grow to golden ages & fall to their demise, only, this time the change is inevitable and the clock seems to be ticking - are you also going to be brought down with it?

The safest bet would be to say time will tell, but the goal is to survive long enough to do that.

What's your problem? It might be the fact the human race is in a perpetual state of war against each other destroying the planet permanently. It could be the fact your kin is having a hard time adjusting, slowly getting picked off, one after another. Or the simple fact you are hiding while you could easily be at the top of this food chain. Perhaps, a little bit of all.

Be what may, these rumours you have been hearing for the last year, two, or more have been proven right. The Synod is gathering after a long time and you want to be there to hear it yourself - what are you going to do about it.

Good evening ladies, my name is Sanja, altho we could have skipped the intro. Welcome to the casting round, or creature claim of "Once We Were Gods". I'm aiming to host a dark supernatural fantasy, with bits of romance, a dash of politics and hopefully something fun. At the very beginning, I want to say this will be a one-season thing, but if things are fun, this is a universe I would love to explore additionally.

The Premise
You'll enter this as a creature of mythology, lore or legends, perhaps a goddess, perhaps a spirit - not always good or kind in nature, but how you play your role in this universe is entirely up to you - but right now, you live in this day & age, trying to make your way around it.

Depending on your creature choice, you might fit into the category of someone who has inhabited this one shapeshifting body for ages, or you could be reborn in a new body every time you have finished inhabiting the previous one (most don't go through the whole newborn process, instead opting for inhabiting a body they like, kind of like finding an unwilling & unaware host).

Other ageless creatures see you as you are in your pure form, but the humans see you as another regular human being. The same goes for many sacred places of your kind - humans might see them as abandoned, think them cursed, avoid them in general.

Read this before we dive further...

And now, to the claim & the round. The claim is, as per usual, following that famous first come, first served (post, please).

I'll close the claim this Sunday, late in the evening.

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Name (might be related to your original, does not have to be)
FC (try to keep in mind the whole origin, if you can)
Age (totally optional, but for those keen on creating timelines, have fun)
Creature/species (pick one from the claim list, it will influence quite some things in the contest - also, you will get additional information after casting)
Current place of residence
Traits & Personality
(check if there is something given by the claim, otherwise you can go wild)
Motivation and/or goal (will be provided after your claim choice, you get some choices to make)
Outfit (optional AF, but if you wish to do something, I'd love to see some real forms here)
Story (optional) Arrival at the Synod.
Takes place in Belgium, early January, you will arrive by train (for the sake of this story, let's go with you being the only ageless on this particular train) and get picked up by a town car (human driver). You'll drive for a while when a ruin will appear in the distance in the forest - and once you step through a barrier, you'll see your destination. The door will open, and you are greeted by a familiar face. You get to pick which one of the three:
a) Diana
b) Cedric
c) Nicolo
The choice is up to you, and finish the story with them welcoming you to Synod.

...just for visual reference

Note: once selected, there will be more provided information.
Also note, some listed things are assumptions /vendor/beemoov/forum/../../../public/forum/smilies/smile.png


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Draco Form / Normal Style
https://i.ibb.co/NTxC3M6/17-Kordelia-Claim.pngCred to Google

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»Credit to Schoggettchen«

The Queen of Voodoo

»Mire as spirit/ Normal style«
Snippet will be posted when contest starts

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Done (this time it's final, I think)

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Everything you want is on the other side of fear...
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"Dark Side" by Bishop Briggs

“Aʟʟ ᴛʜɪɴɢs ᴛʀᴜᴇʟʏ ᴡɪᴄᴋᴇᴅ sᴛᴀʀᴛ ғʀᴏᴍ ᴀɴ ɪɴɴᴏᴄᴇɴᴄᴇ”
― Eʀɴᴇsᴛ Hᴇᴍɪɴɢᴡᴀʏ

Form - DONE

Motivation and/or goal:
Dvina thinks they've lived in secrecy for far too long, and it is definitely time to come back to light and reinstate themselves as the apex predators they are.

Greeter Choice: Diana

Story; Arrival at the Synod - TBD (Sorry will get this to you before the contest actually starts!!

DONE (except snippet)

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#7 18/12/2021 at 02:17

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Interested to see where this goes...

Name Damia Montero

FC Chloe Bailey

Age Not disclosed

Creature/species Muse

Current place of residence Brooklyn, NY

Traits & Personality Damia is Eclectic, experimental, temperamental, and hedonistic alternating (as needed) between being the life of the party to a wallflower based not on her whims but rather dictated by what she intuitively knows is best for whoever she is inspiring in the moment. While she loves the outcome of the process, there is also an undercurrent of envy because while muses can inspire and feed off of the output, they themselves cannot actually create.

Motivation and/or goal Wants more admiration, the reputation muses have is good and it makes no sense to remain hidden anymore.

Greeter Choice Cedric


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(Couldn't really incorporate dragons, though I'd tried.... but here's how I imagine she chooses to appear away from humans and in the presence of other creatures)

Story - TBA


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#9 18/12/2021 at 08:03

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Name: Kiyo. In modern times she goes by Alix Matsuno
FC: Sayo Yoshida
Age: Unsure. What is age to a spirit?
Creature/species: Enenra
Current place of residence: Shiiba, Miyazaki

Traits & Personality: Charismatic, mischievous, prudent, quick-witted,  strategic // Detached, languid, unpredictable, reclusive, wary

For most, Alix Matsuno is a sweet, well-mannered young lady on the outskirts of town. Her manners are impeccable, her care for the elderly something most grandparents want out of their grandchildren, and when she speaks, she holds the room effortlessly. The question most ask, however, is why Alix is content to stay in Shiiba, whereas the other young folk had already moved out to Miyazaki, Tokyo, and other big cities.

But for Kiyo, Alix Matsuno is just another name she’s taken on for herself through the centuries. As an Enenra, her preference is to remain quiet, hidden, seen only when people focus on her - much like the smoke she turns into when she wills herself to. Her centuries of life have refined her manners, but also given her a roguish streak. She has perfected the art of suggesting mischief over a hot cup of tea, barely concealing her smile - or a long, well-considered strategy. She consumes information and retains them quickly, swiftly, and is content to hoard it, apply it when the fancy takes her.

Still, she has her flipsides. Her preference for quiet and ease has led her to become a recluse, watching everything with wary eyes. There is no “urgency” in her, as she is content to whisper and wind much like her true form, and no one is quite able to tell what is on her mind - or when fancy will take her. Her long years of living and observing humanity - and her constant visitations to other realms - has also left her wary of good intentions and people, trusting very few in her circle.

Motivation and/or goal: Believes humans are ruining the planet, but believe that the ageless are powerful enough to run everything from the shadows

Story coming... eventually. Maybe.

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#10 20/12/2021 at 07:59

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Hi everyone! Happy to see you join /vendor/beemoov/forum/../../../public/forum/smilies/smile.png

The casting is now closed - banners will arrive by the end of the day /vendor/beemoov/forum/../../../public/forum/smilies/smile.png

Banners, y'all

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