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This opening contest is only 1 round and will end: 27th December, [ 18:00 ] forum time


Your crew is tasked to suddenly sail from Goa, India, to Atlanta, USA, carrying a magical yet top-secret cargo that only the captain knows the details of. You are on the ocean before you know it and on your way. However, there's only a few flaws to this seemingly simple plan:
a) Not only is your crew the lowest-rated class of sailors, most of you are fresh recruits with barely-passing skills.
b) There is a half-deranged vampire who keeps trying to get into a room that doesn't exist,
And c) That is NOT your captain.


Hello everyone and WELCOME to the Prologue of The Mad Ghost! If you’re a player who had joined me before, then you are already somewhat familiar with this universe. If you are new… well then, welcome aboard this world of chaos and excitement, where magic roams wild and untamed, and YOU are the star of your own story.

As this is only a Prologue, there won’t be many characters just yet in order to get you guys familiar with the world. Let’s first get to know you and vice versa, shall we?



A Little WorldBuilding

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Humans who live in the PnD States or Districts are slightly less human than those who grew up in HD States. For one, humans in PNDs have a higher tolerance for magic, but are not completely inhuman. They can learn spells on a certain scale, depending on how much magic has been infused in their system through the generations. They can see curses, spells and blessed items the same way paranormals can. Their types are called ‘Deviants’.

More about Deviants

You are a Deviant, a human with just enough magic, wit and mischief to get into the Pirate Divison.

Deviants are sought after for all affairs regarding ships and sailing, for most paranormals dislike the sea and oceans, fearing the raging unpredictable magic beneath the waves. With the important tasks of shipping magical cargo, as well as trading supplies between the States, Deviant Sailors get paid handsomely.

Thanks to your single outstanding skill that proved your ability to be a Pirate, you are part of the newly recruited batch of pirates, and you’ve just barely made the cut.

Skill Set - Choose One

Your batch is the lowest ranking of the Pirate Division, known to be the most unruly and lazy bunch, having often caused mishaps on your ship during training. However your Captain, Rhea, is fond and protective of you all, and chooses to keep you as her crew members aboard her ship, The Mad Ghost. You have each received a blessed charm from her, an item that cannot be taken or stolen from you. This item acts as a protective ward that protects you as a crew member of The Mad Ghost, and allows the ship’s magic to recognize you as one of theirs.

The First Mate, Anya, is your direct supervisor and is often strict with you, dragging you back to do your chores and continue training in your special skills.

Captain Rhea and First Mate Anya

Pirate Division

Your crew have just recently arrived in Goa, India,  in order to transport some supplies back to Atlanta, your home State. During the one week stay, your crew will be very busy cleaning up the ship and resting in the lodgings on land. You’re allowed to visit only the nearby shops near the harbour and should return to your crew’s lodgings by the evenings to get all the sleep you can before you sail again.

Goa is one of many places that has normal human ships docked along its harbour. And with human ships, came the rude extremists. During your stay, the human sailors will shout slurs from their ships, when they walk past you to get to the markets, and when they’re just sitting to one side watching you haul things in and out of your ship. As the week goes on, you will notice a crowd of humans bustling through the marketplace, but they look like they do not belong there.

Additionally, the Upper-Rank ship your crew have been assisting seems to be strangely unsettled and your Captain has been spending more and more time there. But oh, well, funny things happened all the time.

At the end of the week, in the middle of the night, you will be roughly awoken by Anya, her face pale and her eyes wild. Something is happening, there is a terrible unrest in the air, and Anya seems to be terrified. She ushers you out and once outside, you realize the world around was red, ablaze with fire. In a rush to get aboard the ship, she explains that something horrible has befallen the PNDs ships and word had gotten out. Now the HD residents from the closest District are running rampant, burning down PNDs cabins and ships.

Once on the ship, she will tell you the captain is waiting and just as the ship takes off, she jumps off and faces the angry mob engulfed in blue flames.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message me!


- Story begins 1st week of February


• Form + Skill Set:


• Story:

-  Short event of a particular dull day around the ship. There are things being moved around and your captain is busy dealing with some crates and captains of the other ship. You may choose to slack off alone or with other teammates and get scolded by your superior, or get forced to do terribly dull ship chores which include cleaning out the cabins, the deck and the storage room.

- End your story with your character watching as the ship leaves Anya engulfed in blue flames.

• Outfits:

- An outfit of your character’s daily look during the week

Round 0 will end: 27th December, [ 18:00 ] forum time

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Casting Form


a merry life


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Not quite what you imagined


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A Particular Dull Day Around the Ship

Status: Done

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THANK YOU FOR JOINING THE PROLOGUE! /vendor/beemoov/forum/../../../public/forum/smilies/big_smile.png

The official start of THE MAD GHOST will be on 1st January, get ready to throw yourself into a new world of chaos and magic!

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to hit me up ~

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