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#1 01/06/2022 at 04:44

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Hey there! Call me Femme, Despite my name, I'm a dude living in the US. I actually joined LAF because of a video I watched on YouTube covering Ma Bimbo and the history of the game. I always loved dress up games and tamagotchis, so I knew I'd love this game! It's been a great way to pass the time (though progress has slowed cuz FD are hard to come by, haha, gives me a reason to play all the minigames to death though.) I've been having a lot of fun. I'm a pretty friendly person, but am cagey with my info online for safety reasons. I will say that I am an adult (18). Happy to meet you all!   /modules/forum/img/smilies/bimbo/bisous.gif


#2 01/06/2022 at 05:41

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Hi! Welcome to the site.

We're glad to have you here.
Don't worry about not posting your Intro 20 days ago.
You're actually not supposed to have access to the forum until Game Day 60.

The forum rules are here:
Game and Forum Rules and Organisation

If you have questions, please check the FAQ:

If you need assistance, please post at the:
Help Desk

I look forward to seeing you around the forum!

Have fun!



#3 02/06/2022 at 21:52

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aw, was it izzy's video? I love them! I've played here since I was in elementary school (this is a newer account) and their video reminded me to come check on my bimbo /vendor/beemoov/forum/../../../public/forum/smilies/smile.png welcome!


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