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The Playlist

Hi, welcome to "A Game of Honey and Ruins"! 

In case you've missed it, I've created a board that paints the picture of the mood intended for the contest - go check it out if you wish - and before we start, please read this bit carefully.

The casting round is meant to have you create a character & do some pre-established relationships that would allow me to insert you into the plot by giving you additional information about the extras, events & background (I intentionally omitted this info from their BIOs, as it might get changed according to your choices). Also, try to keep the characters' personalities in mind when creating relationships & keep your eye out for the inbox, of course.

If you have any questions, ask. 
If you don't want to create an assassin character, let me know, and we'll see what can be done.
The information about the Talon's Loot is here.
Please read the introduction & the information about the groups carefully.


It’s been over two decades since the world took the turn for the apocalyptic. After humanity tripped over the thin line they were threading between actual change and another great war, inflated egos and nuclear threats went a bit too far and the threats could not have been left as threats only. Big red buttons were pushed, big egos deflated as Europe turned into a wasteland, and while the regular government still exists, it has the same amount of power that “Don’t walk on the grass” signs used to have: most acknowledge them, but few actually obey. Instead, the real power is in the change of it - no one holds the power for too long.

The good, the bad, the ugly - everyone wants the same: food, water, air, security, and future. The fight to get it has gotten rougher, crueller, and more corrupt than ever. Security is a rare commodity, and even though paid and highly-skilled talent is a valued part of society, it’s still a competitive world. In the society of assassins, the biggest and most prestigious thing one can win is the Talon’s Loot.

The competition made out of five tasks is named after Casimir Talon, the first assassin to ever declare themselves the best in the world after calling for the competition and winning it back in 1806, and then again in 1809 to prove they are still the shit. It’s unclear when the actual Loot became as valuable as today, but the contest soon got the attention of the right circles and in the recent years winning means three years of security: money, contracts and prestige. Talon’s Loot means the best crime syndicates and families will have you on their retainer, the governments won’t bother you, and there is a bit more security in the future for you, but there’s some fun entailed as well - the winner gets to set up the challenges for the next competition.

So, in 2048, as the harsh summer is nearly ending, the majority of the elites are looking forward to the spectacle and the best of the best assassins in the world are waiting for their invite - the freelancers, those protected by families, newbies and the experienced ones - the invite has not arrived and the last year’s winner, Verity Banbak, is nowhere to be found. The questions pile up quickly, and everyone is getting restless.

The contest will end on Wednesday, June 15th, evening.



Name (first, last, code - whatever you wish)
Age (keep it over 24, pls)
Motto (something your character lives by)
Anthem (optional)
Personality (tell me all I need to know about your person)
Interests (up to 3)

Have you competed in the Talon's Loot before? If so, when?
Yes, or no - you have not been appointed a place, please don't add any specifics at this point as things might change before the contest.

Are you a part of any of the organizations (post no. II)?
This means membership in LSDR, or working exclusively with the Boutella family, The Collective or the Midnight Club. You can also position yourself as a freelancer.

Please list your existing relationships with the extras (post no. II).
Keep your character's personality in mind, as well as the personalities of the extras. This will allow for some additional information they give you or involvement of different types. When in doubt, always ask.

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Verity Bakbek
Assassin, reigning champion of Talon’s Loot
Motto: Work hard. Play hard.
Anthem: You Know That I'm No Good by Amy Winehouse
FC: Megan Fox
Age: unknown
Key traits: Organized. Introverted. Private. Disciplined. Intense. Snobbish. Efficient. 
Personality: Intelligent and organised, Verity was a newcomer that swept up the competition in the TL three years ago, surprising everyone in the process. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, she became the winner of the controversial season of the contest that took the lives of three competitors in the process. While many considered this to be what helped her win, Verity ignored the rumours and proved her position easily. She’s a highly skilled and disciplined individual, but everything she does she does with intensity and passion. She keeps her circle close and hand-picks her company, as well as her jobs.

Motto: Swiftly, silently, deadly.
Anthem: For Reasons Unknown by the Killers
FC: Raúl Castillo
Age: 38
Key traits: Hard-working. Skilled. Adaptable. Private. Kind. Patient. Stoic. 
Personality: Former lieutenant of the US Army Special Forces, Cadet’s real name has never been disclosed, and the rumours claim it’s to protect a family he has somewhere up north. He’s highly-skilled, hard-working, and nearly impossible to defeat in hand-to-hand combat. He’s trained with a sniper rifle and normally does his killings without much fuss, known to be quick and efficient. Cadet socializes with all types of people, but rarely discloses much about himself - he's a great company to keep. He’s known to toss a few drinks, loves cars and occasionally vanishes for days at a time, but he is still a valued part of Los Sicarios Del Rey of New Mexico which is where he gets most of his assignments.

Gia Boutella
Newly appointed head of the Boutella family
Motto: No one changes with time, we just become a little bit more of who we are.
Anthem: all the good girls go to hell by Billie Eilish 
FC: Anya Taylor Joy
Age: 24
Key traits: Extroverted. Vivacious. Diplomatic. Stubborn. Well-spoken. Competitive. Deceitful. Self-indulgent.
Personality: Born as a bastard to Angelo Boutella, of the NY crime family Boutella, and his long-time mistress, Gia recently came into power after every child Angelo fathered within his God-blessed marriage suddenly died under mysterious circumstances. The angel-faced new boss seems to be a very strict leader, disposing of some older members who had opinions of the said circumstance, and everyone else who was unhappy with the turn of events. Gia’s time is yet to come, but the question on everyone’s mind is what she plans to do with it. Smart and extroverted, diplomatic and very determined, she might be what the family missed while Angelo ran things. Is she? The time will tell.

Motto: Gore galore!
Anthem: Power by Dove Cameron
FC: Eiza Gonzalez 
Age: unknown
Key traits: Violent. Childish. Temperamental. Vain. Sensual. Indulgent. Arrogant. Brutal.
Personality: No one knows exactly how Dove started her career within the Boutella family, but she will never deny her beginning of working at a brothel from far too early in her life. She’s extremely violent, doesn’t shy from gore and normally loves to start her killings with seduction. Sex and violence are equally intoxicating to her, but the thrill of a kill when the victim is naked and under her keeps her going. Some paint her a true unpredictable psycho, some a broken girl who took her fate into her hands - and the truth is certainly found somewhere in between the two. Dove is vain and loves to look her part as a sensual seductress, investing time and money into her (expensive) taste and appearance.

Melina Ramovich
Motto: The world wants me, and the feeling is mutual.
Anthem: Bulletproof by La Roux
FC: Sasha Luss
Age: 27
Key traits: Stubborn. Confident. Overthinker. Confrontational. Playful. Uninhibited. Solitary.
Personality: Melina gets her stubbornness from her Balkan parents that ran to the US from war-ridden Europe. She grew up loved and shielded, which shows in her confidence, but she grew up with enough realism to know she will never achieve greatness without pushing for it on the other side of the law. Melina doesn’t give loyalty easily, always has a plan, and gets easily bored when she is not working. She’s independent, self-critical and has a dark, dry sense of humour. Melina is the type to stir the pot, poke the bear, and doesn’t shy away from the confrontations - all for the sake of fun, or pushing the right buttons to see what happens. She doesn't take things too seriously, she loves to learn from her own mistakes, and live her life to the fullest.

Assassin, the current leader of LSDR
Motto: The higher up the mountain the more treacherous the path.
Anthem: Abrakadabra by Qveen Herby
FC: Ursula Corbero
Age: 32
Key traits: Charming. Manipulative. Passionate. Outspoken. Witty. Leaderly. Forthright. Mischievous. 
Personality: Observant and very calculated, Reina might be the ideal leader at this point, but she was not always the leader Los Sicarios deserve. Life brought her here, and she just got to terms that while things might not have happened the way she liked it, she still landed on her feet and made a name for herself. Reina is a passionate woman, good company to keep, a loyal friend once you have her - but a horrible enemy once she has been crossed. On one hand, she is an open book: you know her likes and dislikes from looking at her, she is honest about things and does not mind speaking freely, but at the same time she has a wall built around that closest, most private part that people are yet to conquer. Reina has the leadership skills necessary to handle LSDR and the business-oriented mind that comes in handy in the world she lives in.

The Saint
Assassin won TL 18 years ago
Motto: Ego sum via, veritas et mors. (I am the way, the truth, and the death.)
Anthem: Hell’s Comin’ With Me by Poor Man’s Poison
FC: Mads Mikkelsen
Age: unknown
Key traits: Charismatic. Mysterious. Entitled. Arrogant. Dominant. Egocentric. Cocky. Manipulative.
Personality: The mysterious aura around the charismatic Saint is hard to describe. He is both cruel and kind, equally seductive and harsh, rough exterior matching the how he behaves most of the time, yet a hidden touch of warmth is always present to lure you in. He’s not the type to make friends, but he can charm anyone into his bedroom easily - and the type of superficial relationships suit him well. Should you scratch a bit under the surface, you’ll realize he is treated as some sort of messiah in his circle, his word might as well be the law. He’s efficient, doesn’t take things personally, and when he says a job is a job, he means it. He’s more intelligent than people give him credit, usually just doesn’t bother proving anything to anyone. In most recent years, he is cherry-picking jobs, making people wonder if he’s planning to retire or where the money’s coming from.

Alteo Dibra
The current leader of the Collective
Motto: Dogs that bark a lot, don’t bite.
Anthem: Mount Everest by Labrinth
FC: Chris Hemsworth
Age: 40
Key traits: Charming. Cruel. Visionary. Daring. Reactive. Unprincipled. Vindictive.
Personality: Sadistic and cruel, Alteo is an equal part dictator and a visionary leader, fear-inducing and charming. He is daring, strong and wilful, very mischievous and has a (self)destructive side to him. Alteo has no issues telling a lie, gambling is something he does often, and while he might seem like the biggest outlaw, he understands the point of authority and uses it to his advantage in his group, but enjoys breaking the laws most days. Alteo enjoys breaking rules, especially if it means pissing someone off in the process. He likes a good challenge, dislikes playing games, and gets bored easily. His only loyalty is to the Collective and his best intentions are directed there: the technology operations they are doing are mainly his work, and he usually has a good sense of what to put his money into.

Raphael Song
Former assassin, now leader of the Midnight Club
Motto: Sentimental value? Yeah, I’ve heard of that.
Anthem: Despicable by grandson
FC: Mike Colter
Age: unknown
Key traits: Intelligent. Cool. Detached. Observant. Greedy. Charming. Indulgent. Seductive.
Personality: If he wasn’t part of the leading duo of the Midnight Club, Raphael would have still worked as an assassin. He was occasionally violent, occasionally refused jobs out of some moral value, slowly got his reputation and suddenly changed everything, dropped off the face of the earth and reappeared as the leader of the Midnight Club. While he is private enough to keep that path to himself, he’s socially intelligent enough to realize you’ll catch more flies with honey - he won’t say no to socializing, making alliances and even making friends if it serves him. Raphael is a loyal person, and while he is not into looking when it comes to business, he is no stranger to giving second chances in private.

Motto: Seduce and destroy.
Anthem: Young God by Halsey
FC: Sean O’Pry
Age: 25
Key traits: Charming. Seductive. Adaptable. Vain. Hedonistic. Observant. Efficient. Disloyal. Flirty. Playful. 
Personality: Egocentric and confident is a very dangerous combination, especially when your looks add up to the equation. Jax is a newcomer to the story, and based on his work in the last year, everyone is certain he will be asked to participate. Not much is known about Jax, except the fact he is a chameleon when it comes to the disguise and there are rumours that he is a former government official or even an ex-spook. The good thing is that these things only entertain him - and he is truly enjoying the fact he has everyone talking about him. Jax is a bit of a party animal, he doesn’t shy away from any kind of pleasure and is frequently seen in casinos and clubs, normally surrounded by women and men ready to have some fun.

Blaise Yong
Motto: Normal is boring as fuck.
Anthem: Darkside by Neoni
FC: Kai (EXO)
Age: unknown
Key traits: Eccentric. Confident. Hedonist. Humorous. Unpredictable. Great company to keep. Snob. Well-educated. Private. 
Personality: Blaise is the personality that most will find memorable - he is eccentric, charming, normally had information and doesn't mind communicating freely. He has a theatrical way about him, and it shows in his MO as well - he is skilled with many cold, old-fashioned weapons and prefers to use those and poisons instead of technology in all his killings. Blaise lives for the drama, he’s quite entertaining and finds mischief in all he does. In general, he is happy to socialize and help (depending on the occasion) but in reality, he has no loyalty to anyone whatsoever. He is happy to go through his life without any strict plans, making him quite unpredictable. Blaise is easily interested, quick to be bored, and expects the same energy he gives. He can be quite vain and dislikes getting attached to anything that might spoil his reputation.

Ophelia Song
Assassin, leader of the Midnight Club.
Motto: I always have a marvellous time ruining everything.
Anthem: King by Florence + The Machine
FC: Kwak Ji Young
Age: 30
Key traits: Resourceful. Observant. Street-smart. Loner. Focused. Cold-headed. Self-disciplined. Detached. Well-educated. Independent.  
Personality: Ophelia was born to a couple of political fugitives - her birth was never documented - and she lost her parents early in her teen years, so she had to make do, normally pickpocketing. She was quick, she knew how to blend in, how to hide, how to vanish. With time she realized the lack of ID would only benefit her – to the world she was a ghost. In the beginning, it started with her 'trading' with some rare flowers, technology, and collectables she would snatch from places where the crime was already committed; she had a nose for finding crime scenes. Soon she made herself a name – until she realized information can be much more valuable. Before she turned 18, Ophelia was utilizing her skills in providing herself with a comfortable life. While there are many gaps in her history, it's well known she was the youngest member to be accepted to the Midnight Club, and the youngest to lead it. 

Important groups

The Boutella family
New York-based crime family, somewhat resembling a monarchy or an old-fashioned mafia organization. They are descendants of Italians that immigrated to the East Coast all the way before WWI. The family is focused on gambling operations, drug dealing and (odd one out) hedonistic, lavish events for the elite. Angelo Boutella died only a few months ago in a freakish accident, alongside his "legitimate children". The current leader is Gia Boutella, his illegitimate daughter he fathered with his long-term mistress.

Los Sicarios Del Rei
Assassin's guild is based in New Mexico, with connections all over the Americas. They are a membership type of organization, providing the members with safe houses, weaponry (& friendly prices) and many more things for a very small yearly fee. LSDR is known to be on good terms with most major groups and houses and normally they take no sides whenever there is a larger conflict. The current leader, chosen by popular vote, is Miss Reina Reyes, who is a very well-known assassin herself.

The Midnight Club
Originally started as a collaboration of the Asian-based collectors (of art, artefacts, weapons, and more). The organization turned into a small republic with two leaders selected to make the decision for the group. They are a well-protected, tight-knit circle leading opulent lives and holding the most wealth, able to obtain and get anything one might want. Currently they are running from Japan. At this moment, two leaders are Ophelia and Raphael Song. The group is taking applications at the moment.

The Collective
Some leftover nostalgic idea of a socialist community which is slowly turning into a dictatorship (history does repeat itself) is now the Collective. Led by the charismatic Alteo, is now a tech-savvy terrorist group that occasionally deals with smuggling weapons. The Collective is somewhat mysterious, they don't accept new members, but they managed to survive a nuclear war in Europe & still thrive (see notes below). 

Sicarios are membership-based - if you're an assassin, you can join.
Boutella family: if you're born into one of the families belonging to the clan, you're a member. If not, you can collaborate with them or be on their payroll.
The Collective: you can work with them, not for them, or if you wish to be a member, you must be born into one of the Eastern European families.
The Midnight Family: currently accepting members, usually wealthy, or people who have or can get them something they might not have.

Note no.2
Sicarios are like a syndicate, you can join them if you are an assassin and still work exclusively for Boutella's, or freelance, or work for someone else exclusively.

Note no.3
You are writing this part with your person either assuming, expecting or hoping to get the invite to the TL. You don't know it 100%.

Note no.4
About the Midnight Club:
They are a super tight-knit community, getting in gets you jobs, you get to do occasionally sth that’s outside your expertise and it’s a type of security too.
They usually follow the work of an individual for a while & when you apply, it’s a matter of negotiating the work & that’s it.

Note no.5
Another FAQ: the contest will be episodic, as Dare usually hosts them. This means what's posted until the deadline counts. Everything after does not /vendor/beemoov/forum/../../../public/forum/smilies/smile.png

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Everything you want is on the other side of fear...
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Totally stole Zaralee's totally awesome banner to create a better one for Cheri...

Here... hold my morals...

INTERESTS: Alteo | Jax | Dove | (maybe Raphael)


Have you competed in the Talon's Loot before? If so, when?
Yes, or no - you have not been appointed a place, please don't add any specifics at this point as things might change before the contest.

Are you a part of any of the organizations (post no. II)?
This means membership in LSDR, or working exclusively with the Boutella family, The Collective, or the Midnight Club. You can also position yourself as a freelancer.
A member of The Collective; from the Balkans
Membership with LSDR

Please list your existing relationships with the extras (post no. II).
Keep your character's personality in mind, as well as the personalities of the extras. This will allow for some additional information they give you or involvement of different types. When in doubt, always ask.


FWB to a demented degree. Nothing has ever been too much or too perverse to turn either woman away from the friendship. She revels in their debauchery and believes the feeling is mutual. They’ve collaborated on a couple of jobs in the past, and likely will again.

☣☣☣☣Alteo Dibra☣☣☣☣
As a new member of The Collective she hasn’t had a lot of dealings with the leader but she’s definitely drawn in and attracted to his arrogance and strength even if she does sometimes balk at his authoritarian strong hold over the group (or more precisely her restrictions within the group). Cheri has no idea what, if anything, Alteo may know of her background but as of yet hasn’t been called upon to disclose more than her hereditary right to claim membership with The Collective.

Has worked with him a couple of times… and rolled around in his bed about the same number of times, and not necessarily as a duo. She doesn’t know much about him other than the fun times he’s amped to have as well as his swift and impressive handling of his portion of the jobs they’ve been associated with together. And she’d be lying if she said that the air of mystery wasn’t part of his allure.

☣☣☣☣Raphael Song☣☣☣☣
Met him recently at some gathering and started a mild flirtation… perhaps with each sizing up the other more than attempting to follow through with the saucy chat. Cheri isn’t sure what to make of him yet but learning that he is a leader of one of the other organizations (even if it is partial leadership) makes him all the more interesting and someone Cheri wouldn’t just write off as inconsequential. 

Growing up on different continents didn’t exactly allow for close relations between the two women but they do know each other and have had sparse dealings since Cheri gained membership with the LDSR syndicate some years ago. Their familial connection is not commonly known, and by joint choice, they’ve seen no reason to change that. In fact, Cheri has made a concerted effort to leave her background ambiguous… for reasons. She respects Reina’s achievements… now the leader of the syndicate… more on a professional level than anything sentimental.


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Name is V

V's answers

Interests: Dove, Gia & Reina


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Name Forty-two

FC Slick Woods

Age 26

Motto Everything's eventual.

Anthem "Gasoline" by Halsey

Personality Orphaned as a pre-teen and forced to fend for herself as a result she's a creative chameleon with trust issues and highly honed survival skills who has become desensitized to the casual violence that she has found herself surrounded by for so long.

Interests Verity, The Saint

Have you competed in the Talon's Loot before? If so, when? No.

Are you a part of any of the organizations? No. I'm a freelancer.

Existing relationships with the extras

Had a limited online-only acquaintance with Verity(or someone claiming to be her) the year before Verity won Talon's Loot although it ended abruptly when Forty-Two needed to go off grid for a few months for a job and never picked back up.

Briefly met Cadet once in a bar; the pair had a few drinks and a few laughs but neither exchanged any personal information.

Casting done!

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Fc: Kiddy Akita Lou

What about you

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Name: Kaci // Nemo

FC: Lauren Tsai

Age: 25

Motto: Either I find a way, or I make one.

Anthem: Obituary - Carpenter Brut

Personality: Unobtrusive / Efficient / Quick-thinking / Affable // Whimsical / Abrupt / Unorthodox / Solitary

The first thing people notice about Kaci - when they do - is her silence. She moves around the space carefully, bringing to mind a butler or a personal assistant from better times. The next thing they rapidly discover is Kaci doesn’t talk, communicating almost exclusively with handsigns, a gesture, or in some cases, a look with varying degrees of emotion or lack thereof. The rare occasion that she needs to speak, a tinny, amiable, albeit artificial voice makes itself known through the device on her wrist. Perhaps as a direct result, she can come off blunt, abrupt - and wastes very little words or time making her opinions known. The only indication she has working vocal chords is her soft, quiet humming, barely heard over the roar and the screams of metal, brawling, and shouts in this neon-drenched world.

Work with her often enough, and other glimpses of her personality come through: a mischievous streak a mile wide, her apparent flights of whimsy, her love of everything strange and unpredictable. But above all, her most prized qualities are her discretion and her efficiency - handy when a death needs to be swept under the rug, evidence eliminated, and bodies disposed of. In most cases, she can do so without having to eliminate witnesses the traditional way, preferring to drug them, sneak around them, or on a few occasions, put them out of action till her work is done. Sure, it’s not a glamorous job lugging bodies around, burning evidence or bleaching carpets, but if all goes well and to plan, no one ever knew she was there - and no one would ever know a hit had taken place.

Ophelia / The Saint / Jax

Have you competed in the Talon's Loot before? If so, when?
If you mean participating by cleaning up and hiding any compromising evidence, maybe. If as an actual assassin, no.

Are you a part of any of the organizations?

Please list your existing relationships with the extras.
Kaci has had many clients, but Ophelia might have been the first one to come to her with… unusual requests. Specifically, lifting certain objects of interest while erasing evidence of heists and assassinations. She rather likes the woman a fair bit, and will clear room in her schedule if asked. Yes, the pay is usually good, but Kaci has a few shreds of sentimentality  to not particularly care about that.

A passing acquaintance, mostly by virtue of the fact the man’s married to one of her best clients. They get along well enough - in fact, he’s arguably one of the few people (the other being Ophelia) she can hold a full conversation with simply because he’s fluent in sign language. She’s met up with him for drinks before, and has taken on personalised jobs from him before.

The biggest common thread between her and Melina was their sense of humour, and their whimsy playing off each other. Kaci doesn’t get out often, but if she does, it’s usually with Melina, having a night out (the best she can staying quiet, at any rate) and sometimes snarking up a storm. When all is said and done, they go back to their lives - but that suits Kaci just fine.

Someone Kaci has very mixed feelings about. Yes, she has eyes, and is fully aware of Jax’s attractiveness and his flirtatiousness. She might have reciprocated once or twice, but she’s also had multiple occasions where she’s wanted to slam her head against a wall repeatedly because she’d often walk in onto the scene to see him still there and getting in the way of her work. So: mixed feelings.

The Saint
Knows him by reputation and by profession. They’ve met once when Kaci was out and about on her jobs, but he remains one of the few who she’s yet to actually work for. She is fully aware of his skill and the respect he commands, but the occasional time she’s run into him, there’s something that sets her on the edge.

Save for maybe the anthem. Still deciding which one I want to use.

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Name Andrei

FC Dorit Revelis

Age 27

Motto There is no shadow without someone in the sun
Anthem Lovex - Take a shot 

Personality Creative Attentive Coquettish Resourceful Patient 

Like arsenic, Andrei will slowly kill you. With a specialty in dealing with poisons, Andrei is a very patient. Andrei has no interest in winning (or even participating) in this year’s game. Andrei is only interested in this year’s game because a friend of hers was killed in the last one.
Andrei is the friendly flirty face you saw a week ago. A week before you began coughing up blood and your body began eating you from the inside out.
Andrei rather likes the shadows though. She makes her money by providing poisons to those who can pay her heafty price tag. She doesn’t discriminate in her clientele, if they can pay, she will give them what they need.
Interests Verity, Melina, Alteo (tentative list)

Have you competed in the Talon's Loot before? no
Are you a part of any of the organizations? freelance

List existing relationships
Mikhail Solovoyov Former friend and lover, dead.
Blaise Occasional client

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Thanks for joining, the casting is now closed!

The contest is coming immediately after the wedding, hopefully some additional information happens sooner that that!

See you soon!

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