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Khoyesa - capital and the heartlands of the Khivalon Empire, with trade routes, diplomats, merchants, artisans and more passing through its city gates day in, day out. This is a world where magic and technology marry and intertwine, creating spectacles and wonders that defy explanation and physics. In the midst of this place, however, sits a burnt-out building, still magnificent and imposing despite its ruined facade: the Risskov Theatre.

Once Khoyesa’s pride and joy, it held host to the Circus of Marvels, a troupe of performers whose show drew dignitaries across the Empire, turning it into one of the hottest attractions in the City. Five years ago, the Circus was due to perform what it called “the show to end all shows”. Its theme? To showcase the eternal. Which mostly sounds pretentious and grandiose, but such was the Ringmaster’s proclivities.

All this came to a screeching halt on dress rehearsal night: a fire broke out, claiming the lives of several, vanishing into the twisted, blackened beams and the inferno. It has lain dormant ever since, and its resident troupe scattering to the winds. No one has stepped forth to tear it down: officially, it is stuck in bureaucracy, competing interests trying to claim the land for their own. But unofficially, workers say so much setting foot into it makes you uneasy, and one could hear faintly music tinkering away.

You are one of the many whose lives orbited the Theatre, and have picked up your lives ever since. Then one day, five years after the tragedy, a cream envelope arrives at your address, penned in flowing, golden script: The Ringmaster requests the honour of your presence at the Risskov Theatre…

I honestly sometimes think I never learn: each time I say a contest should be “simpler”, it takes decides to be a rebellious teenager and runs away from home (i.e. Earth). So here we are. For those who are worried about exactly what world we’re in - don’t be. It’s a mix of magic, art deco, and technology from the 1930s. If you need a better visual, I have my Pinterest, and I have the playlist.

For those who have joined my contests before, there won’t be anything new mechanics wise: only that you will get to pick out locations to investigate, as is usual. The stories are mostly self-contained, but if you wish, you can interact with other writers. Swapping clues and mysteries are, as always, highly encouraged. But we’ll get into that once the contest starts properly, because right now, we’re on casting - and I’d really rather not overwhelm anyone.

But first, let’s all hop on to the boilerplate part section of this. Honestly, I should start having a format ready to go whenever I host these things…


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For casting, it’s going to be quite straightforward, as before:
(1) Pick a role from the ones I’ve set out. Unlike before, once it’s claimed, it’s gone - so get your claims in before you go into detail.
(2) Fill out the below casting form
(3) Give me an outfit your character normally wears
(4) Optional: write your character on a day off.

If you have questions, please PM me them to me in the usual ways: Facebook, Like a Fashionista, and Discord, if you have one. I’m actually much more accessible on Discord, if only for the fact that I can answer your questions while I’m off cursing out my tank. Uh, fellow players.

Casting Form - Updated 09/11/2022

Pick a role!

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As a note:
(1) Yes, the lack of pictures is deliberate. Pick your interests and connections based on whether you like the personality or not… and I’ll put up their portraits when the contest starts in earnest.
(2) The ages for each character are the ages they are/would be if they survived the fire.
(3) You are free to pick anyone as an interest, including those who are missing and/or presumed dead.


Anette Eifagem, the Ringmaster

Ganz Coldwell, The Concertmaster


Cyprien Ledrau, the Investor

Isabel Melloy, the Accountant


Reeva Panayi, the Playwright

Kelsahn Boudec, the Set Designer


Venezia Hayward, the Diva

Rochelle Ohlsen, the Vaudevillian

Olledi Rokir, the Starlet

Ronan Ohlsen, the Crooner


Tajun Yinro, the Acrobat

Lyra Shillmoor, the Contortionist

Kialmirn Almassi, the Escape Artist

Nemal Dinaer, the Daredevil

Andrei Sola, the Strongman


Lenn, the Fan

Moren Lockwood, the Critic

Vivi, the Urchin

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Usual Outfit


A Day Off

Round Status:

Round 0: Done

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Behind the curtains

A tear fell from her eye


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Let me introduce myself...

Interests: Cyprien, Ganz & Ronan

Relaxing Moments


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Name: Beatrix Seagrave
Nickname: none.
Face claim: Malika El Maslouhi (thanks to Cajsa)

Age: 28 (or so)
Role: The Dancer

Traits: Indulgent, yet self-disciplined when it comes to dancing. Distrusting by nature. Self-destructive, to some extent, unaware of that. Self-reliant. Realistic, at the core. Open-minded & eager to explore. Quick-witted. Charming. Egocentric.

Personality & Biography:
Once you get to know Bee, you might pick up on the fact she normally presents herself as a dancer since it’s one of the rare things in both her history and her present that she can claim with certainty. Beatrix Seagrave was born around 28 years ago and that is the extent to which she is familiar with that portion of her life. She might have had another name before, but Beatrix Seagrave was “born” when she was three years old and she was found on a shipwreck coming from god-knows-where, heading towards Khivalon Empire. Ideally, you do not name a child who has just lost a parent or two by throwing some very random and very on-the-nose things into their personal information, but there she was. Beatrix, after the only name she repeated, and Seagrave after the fact the rest of her family possibly ended there.

Beatrix turned out to be a good guess: she would buzz around like a bee, quickly, very cleverly, and never without a purpose, which ended up being dance. Ballet talent is hardly ever missed in Khoyesa, and combined with her self-disciplined approach to what she recognized to be her ticket out of the streets…it was a good mix. Her passion became an obsession, then became her source of income and likely the only steady, secure, reliant thing in her life. She never did have much faith in humanity, things would usually come with strings attached to them, and both men and women would demand things she was not willing to give easily. Relationships, for her, most days, were transactional, and she became quite good at those. Observant by nature, and rarely invited to the table (at least in her formative years), Beatrix is a very mindful girl and she had a nose for picking who to observe. She is quick to pick up on clues, she’s witty and well-read, she can be extremely persuasive and charming when she feels like it, and when it came to reaching her goals to be included in a ballet troupe…she really felt like it. She was in, she was getting good reviews, she was doing her best to climb the ladders - both on and off the stage - and she managed to build a lot of her identity, her reality on a house of cards and growing ego.

A pretty face, gorgeous body, mind that is not to be dismissed and a list of issues that fall in line with the (lack of) upbringing really made her indulge in all the things she could now afford. You might see her in practice and think the girl was an absolute peek of conditioning, but should you encounter her at the dim-lit alleys, entering meeting places meant for those with questionable morals, you’d change your mind. Our girl can toss a drink, drive a hard bargain, loves to gamble from time to time, visit some burlesque shows and really does not mind the carnal pleasures. The remains of her life prior to the stage allow her to keep anonymous, walk in the shadows, cast a spell or two when a need occurs, and show up to appointments on time. Life is good, off the stage, and on it, things seemed to have become more volatile than one might imagine them to be. Building on shaky grounds does that.

A jealous prima ballerina is never good news, but in combination with a girl who is well-versed in pushing buttons, provoking reactions and has a sense of timing (off and on the stage), it was fuel to fire. The whole thing went up in flames and everything went down quicker than she fell off the stage. The injury was horrible both physically and mentally, the breaking of the troupe was worse, and she was - once again - on her own. The healing - physical, at least - came at a much higher pace as she was determined to get herself up again and before she was back on the stage, she met Ganz who asked her to join the troupe of the Circus of Marvels. Still in pain, she pushed through the challenges with the determination one might credit to some family trait, and she would only credit to the promise she gave to herself: no going back to not being able to afford to live fully. At first, it felt like the kind of gig she was destined to have, and slowly (but steadily) the people grew on her - while it might have taken a while, it did happen: Beatrix actually started to like the majority of them, getting close to some and even considered some of them her friends. What she didn’t see coming was the fire, the death. The family dismantled, but she managed to keep the momentum she had while the Circus was running smoothly and get a good gig afterwards.

Beatrix loves to cook and experiment with flavours. Her favourite drink is Salty Dog, she adores soup and any hazelnut dessert. She spends way too much money on jewellery (anything in gold is a win). Beatrix is extremely comfortable with nudity. She's a huge flirt but usually doesn't stay interested in people for long enough.

Interests: Moren. Ronan. Cyprien.
Reeva, the two kept a close bond during their time with the Circus and kept their friendship alive since. Beatrix is the most honest with her, and the woman might be closest to what she would call family.
Ganz, the person who approached Beatrix when she was down on her luck and recovering after what she calls the great fall. She appreciated the chance he provided and his general talent for tracking down talent. They formed a bond, friendship if you will, and both have kept in touch since, which she absolutely adores.
Ronan was a colleague turned occasional lover who was on his way to becoming something a bit more when the fire happened and he was declared missing. Beatrix shed her fair share of tears, then moved on.
Nemal quickly became her go-to person in the moments when she felt like things got stale, to toss a drink back, to go away for a night, to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. With his travelling and her tempo, they meet occasionally and it's usually as if no time has passed.
Moren & Cyprien, she knows of both, most likely met both, or was at the same place, but that's the extent.

Current status: dances as a prima ballerina at The Aurum Belles, a smaller dance company, specialising in contemporary forms and stage performances. Based in the Borough of the Welcoming, they revel in their clandestine, occasionally speakeasy-esque dance theatre. Rumour has it they have particular nights where only those who know “the passcode” can enter and join - and that those participants have a certain piece of jewellery to match.

Story (Optional): Might arrive, depending on workload today.


In case I have no time to create a story, you can consider this DONE.

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And with that...
Casting claims closed

I'll leave this thread open for a few more hours - enough for me to get at least a good night's sleep, at any rate. I'll finish up some things, and then the curtain can rise on this little corner of Khoyesa.

See you this weekend!



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